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Mocha & Hazel the Bonded Senior Pitties – ADOPTED

10/2017: ADOPTED!

Foster needed! — Looking for a foster home or adopter. 11 years old. Mocha: 52 lbs, Pit Bull mix, Hazel: 36 lbs, Hound mix. Good with dogs and kids!

From their rescue: Mocha and Hazel had a committed foster until May but we just found out that she is no longer able to care for them. They have been moved to a very temporary home for the next few days by someone who was kind enough to help out in this emergency situation. They are supposed to be getting their ACL surgeries the week of March 20th and were going to recuperate with the foster family. Now they have nowhere to go and we desperately need someone to step up. The surgeon is located in Farmingdale, Long Island, so it would have to be someone in close enough proximity to be able to take them for their follow up appointments and water rehab (2 sessions). We could always have a volunteer help with vet visits when needed.

If we do not find someone to take this bonded senior pair in, we will have to put them into boarding. This is not acceptable! Road to home Rescue pulled Mocha and Hazel from the Shelter with a committed foster in place. Now they both need surgery and have no where to go. They deserve so much better than this! Isn’t it their time to have a family of their own??

They will be having surgery done at New York Veterinary and Emergency Center in Farmingdale.


After 11 years of being in a home, Mocha and Hazel were dumped at the Shelter without an afterthought.

They are now Safe with Road to Home Rescue But Not Out of the Woods Yet. They are in an Amazing Foster home, who unfortunately will only be able to keep them for a few months. We all wish this were to turn into a permanent home, but due to family circumstances this is not possible.

According to foster mom “They are perfect ladies- sweet, affectionate, patient and house-trained”  Hazel loves to be by your side and follow you around the yard. Mocha loves to roll on her back in the grass or sit with the sun beating on her beautiful face. They are happiest when giving each other, or their humans, tons of kisses. Mocha will even put her paw on your arm to keep you close.

They are good with other dogs but lower energy is best. Hazel is quite underweight so we will be working to get some weight back on her. She also has an issue with her back right leg, which we will be looking into. Mocha has sever arthritis in the joint of her back left leg, but gets around quite well. They will both be going to our vet on Thursday to be re-examined, put on a good nutrition plan, joint supplements and to figure out if Hazel will require anything additional to be done for her leg.

From Road To Home Rescue Support.

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