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Meet Molly the Family-Friendly Staffie

7/19/17: FOSTERED through Foster Dogs, up for adoption! 5 yrs old, 40 lbs, female Staffordshire Bull Terrier mixScroll to bottom of this post for contact info.

Credit: Boprey Photography, #brokersforbarkers

Featured on The Dodo at our fundraiser event!

7/12/17: Meet her at Brokers for Barkers 7/13! 

A volunteer writes: Good golly is Miss Molly ever so sweet! She always looks sleepy-faced (in the cutest way possible!) and is just such a good, loving girl! She doesn’t pull much on leash, seems housebroken, and has been waggy and soft when we’ve passed other dogs.

She is incredibly affectionate and has lots of snuggly moves up her sleeve! Her signature move? Resting the entire weight of her head on my knee before going in to thoroughly kiss my face clean!

Molly’s shelter photos at ACC. Yawn!

She is very curious about everything going around outside, but her favorite observation deck is my lap (where she becomes so floppy and pliable you might think she was missing a few ribs!).

Care of Shelter Chic, located in NYC.

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