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Muggle the Lively Puggle – ADOPTED!

10/2017: ADOPTED!

7/2017: Looking for a adopter, currently in foster care via Foster Dogs & Susie’s Senior Dogs! 10 years old, 31 lbs. Pug/Beagle “Puggle.” Good with dogs and cats.

Muggle participated in our Beachy Photo Shoot and was a star! Photos: Emily Davis @epicureanemily, for Foster Dogs Inc. In collaboration with @keikolynn @erinsolari @hollywang.

Mister Muggle the Puggle is energetic for a senior, and loves to play! Says foster mom Maria, “He is so lovable with all people and though he jumps, he does it all out of love.”

He’s very enthusiastic about treats so might not want to live with with young kids. This chubby guy is fun and happy, and enjoys the company of other dogs. He is reactive when on-leash, and will try to bark at other dogs. Socially, he’s a little pushy – he humps, marks, rough plays and has a resource guarding issue with other pets (not with people). His adopters should be aware of these quirks, and ensure their dog gets along with Muggle well, or have no other pets. He currently lives with several animals, and is best buds with one of them who is as playful as he is! See a video of his play-style here.

Says Susie’s Senior Dogs: Muggle may be a small-ish sized senior dog, but he sure packs a lot of punch! He is in no way a ‘sleepy senior’ and would benefit from an active lifestyle. Muggle had wandered his way up to an elderly woman’s front door (presumably looking for food). She took him in temporarily while she figured out whose dog he was. With no owner to be found and unable to take care of him, the woman brought him to the shelter. Muggle has a lot of personality to bring with him to his forever home…

His rescue group Shelter Chic says, “He isn’t a wizard but we think he’s magical. How he ended up as a stray is a mystery, but he was smart enough to camp out on the doorstep of an animal lover who brought him to the shelter. He waited for his owners to find him but they never appeared, so this sweet little guy finds himself looking for a new forever home. Happy to go for a ride in the car, a stroll around the park or a belly rub in front of the TV, Muggle always has a smile on his face. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with Muggle!?!” Muggle is good with other dogs but has a very rough-and-tumble, randy play style (he was recently neutered). If you have a dog who not only tolerates but also enjoys that kind of play, Muggle is a good match! On-leash, he tends to be slightly whiney and sometimes rushes another dog. This is likely due to lack of leash walking skills and with some practice and training can subside. Muggle is very food motivated and is ready to learn! Muggle is good with cats and he is okay to be left home alone on his own. He’s a great little dog who is going to bring his adopter so many laughs and smiles!

From Shelter Chic. 

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Featured image: Erin Stanton, Susie’s Senior Dogs
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