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Operation Foster Bound, We Found Homes

Onyx the Playful Pocket Pittie – ADOPTED!


ONYX is part of our NEW 2016 Operation Foster Bound.

See her ridiculously adorable Adopt-a-Doodle cartoon:

Onyx Adopt-a-doodle

ONYX1/2016: FOSTERED again via Foster Dogs, through our special program Operation Foster Bound. Lives in Brooklyn and doing great! See PHOTO update 3/2016.

2/2015: FOSTERED via Foster Dogs NYC! Up for adoption. 5 years old, 30 lbs,“Pocket Pit” mix – petite, should not live with other pets. Active and happy! She came to our Roses and Rescues photo shoot. 

2-onyxFrom her rescue group 1/2015: Where are all the fans of the underdog? Onyx needs you! This cute little pittie has been looking for a home for five long years. Can you imagine?

Onyx has not had an easy life. Someone tied her to a pole in East NY and left her there to fend for herself. She was rescued, but has been sitting in a crate waiting for someone special ever since. On top of it all, she was the victim of a dog fight and she lost a small part of her face! Does this stop her? No! She continues to be a great dog.


She isn’t a fan of other dogs, but do you blame her with her history? She is still energetic, playful, and most importantly affectionate with people. Walking Onyx is a treat. She loves to run and prance. She will look back at you with these gleeful eyes and take off again. She also listens well. She is very attentive and great at focusing especially if you have a tennis ball in hand.

2-site-onyxSo please, all the fans of the underdog, think about giving Onyx a place where she can finally find happiness and call her home.


From Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue

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