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Meet Our Founder: Sarah Brasky

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Sarah with Shaggy and Ozzie, Credit: Robert Stoetzel

Foster Dogs was created by Sarah Brasky in July 2009, one year after her graduation from Binghamton University. There was a need at the time – and still very much so – for a user-friendly website and organization dedicated solely to foster care, particularly in the New York area.

About our beginnings: “I had recently graduated from college, and craved the presence of a dog in my home. My beloved dog was in Connecticut with my parents, and he was not interested in moving to a yard-less studio apartment in the busy Upper East Side. I found a solution: fostering shelter dogs. At the time, there was less information available on fostering, as it was not as common as it is today. First I fostered an elderly Chihuahua, and later brought a ‘death row’ shelter pit bull into my home (I saved her from ACC, on the day of her scheduled euthanasia). Mocha was with me for one month before she was adopted to a great home; I discovered during that time of a need for a user-friendly resource for other foster parents. It gave me so much pleasure to connect with rescue organizations and foster parents, as well as potential adopters! In 2014, my organization became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the help of our dedicated volunteers.” (Human + Hound, Dog & Co.)

Shaggydog & Sarah

Sarah has worked tirelessly to grow and improve Foster Dogs throughout the years, and has helped it blossom from a small blog to a thriving nonprofit organization with several dozen volunteers and hundreds of incredible success stories. View our volunteer page here.

Sarah earned a master’s degree in Education from Southern Connecticut State University, and worked full-time as a teacher. This degree and career path helped focus the organization’s dedication to education about dog fostering and adoption. While there are innumerable positive reasons for adopting a shelter dog, many people are unaware of those reasons and did not previously know that fostering could be an option for them. Learn more about getting started on

By communicating with rescuers on a daily basis, running educational workshops and adoption events, posting dogs to the website daily, and connecting with charitable corporations, Sarah has made Foster Dogs NYC the go-to organization for fostering in the New York City area.

Sarah founded The Dog Matchmaker in 2011, a charitable rescue service based in Brooklyn, to connect potential dog adopters with adoptable dogs matches. View her press articles here, including a feature in The Guardian and on HuffPost Live.

Sarah Brasky Foster Dogs NYC

Sarah and Elvis, at Vaute Couture. Credit: Jenn Hix Rosen

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