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Meet Our New Fospice Dog Beau

Beau was rescued from Korea, where he lived with 2,000 other rescue dogs in a hoarding situation. This is no life for a dog, though he was off the streets and safe from life as a stray. Beau slept on cold cement floors, using a stone as a bed. It was time for a better existence.


He was brought to NY by BARRK Rescue, and his rescuers soon found that he has a serious heart condition. He needed a place to live. Due to his heart condition and prognosis, Beau was an excellent Fospice candidate.

This was the email we received in late-August, when Beau was officially accepted into our Fospice program: “A ‘Fospice’ home would be super for Beau; he has lived a crappy life so we would love to find him an amazing place to live out whatever time he may have left and just be totally loved and spoiled rotten! He is really super sweet and very loving and also housebroken (a plus!). Seriously, spoiling him with gifts would be amazing… not sure if he ever even knew what a toy was before coming to the U.S. on Thursday night! And any donation to help with his care would be so much appreciated. We just want to show Beau what love is like for whatever time he might have left.”


We found Beau an immediate foster home with our friend Sarah Berns, a seasoned puppy foster mom (having fostered dozens of pregnant/nursing mama dogs). She also was Marilyn’s guardian angel earlier this year, and gave her a peaceful final few weeks of life.

Beau Sarah Athena

Beau lived with Sarah for two weeks until his “forever foster” mom Maya completed her time dogsitting for clients. After all, this is a big commitment and we want the caretaker to feel ready – and excited! Maya’s three cats and dog Oliver geared up for their new housemate.

Beau Fospice

As part of our Fospice program, we sent a donation to his rescue organization to assist with his veterinary care. Foster Dogs NYC provided a free groom ​courtesy of our friend Sam at Elite Pets, Harry Barker dog bed (see photo above), Found My Animal rescue leash (photo below), and the best things: foster homes!


“Thank you so much, we really appreciate it! Your program is incredible and such a help to all the pups and rescues too.” – Hanna, BARRK Rescue

Rescues working with rescues and supporting each other with programs like yours, in my opinion, defines rescue.” – Kristina, BARRK Rescue

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