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Peggy the Misunderstood Min Pin – ADOPTED

10/28/17: ADOPTED! One month in foster care through Operation Foster Bound, and Peggy has not only lost weight and found a forever home, but had become an internet sensation and huge celebrity at her office: BarkBox! @perpetuallypeg

9/23/17: Looking for an adopter, found a foster home with Jessica via Foster Dogs Inc! 6 years old, 12-15 lbs. Miniature Pinscher / Chihuahua Mix. Good with dogs and kids. 

Meet Peggy! This adorable and sweet girl is a 6 year old 12-15 lb (very obese) Miniature Pinscher mix. Peggy is good with other dogs and is a quiet and happy girl. She is currently on thyroid medication and needs a home who will help her lose weight. Peggy has been in foster care for 5 years and only came into rescue with friends with four paws this year.

Peggy is a special girl and just needs someone who won’t cave with her puppy dog eyes when she wants extra treats. With proper diet, the thyroid medication, exercise, and patience this girl will look and feel so much better. Sadly, people see “overweight,” “on meds,” “6 years old” and think “lazy,” “high maintenance,” and “too old.” Give this girl a chance!

From Friends with Four Paws. Located in NYC 9/23.


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