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Prince the Awkward ChiPoo – ADOPTED

4/22/17: ADOPTED!

4/19/17: Looking for an adopter, currently in foster care with our volunteer Megan. 1 year old, 6 lbs. Chihuahua / Poodle mix. Good with dogs, cats, kids! 

Do you like cats and dogs but can only add one to the family right now (or are looking for a companion for either)? Well meet Prince! We are pretty sure this funny little guy was raised by a pack of cats!

Prince loves hitting things with his paws and is a master climber! He also has that incredibly loyal canine attitude where he always wants to be with you on your lap or shoulder. He really really loves to cuddle and will climb right into your lap!

Prince also loves other doggies. He plays tug of war and will even chew the same bone as his foster siblings. He is really good at sharing! He also is starting to learn how to play with dogs and after knowing a dog for s couple weeks is an amazing playmate. He still has his feline like tendencies but unlike most cats he loves belly rubs and going on long walks (he is fantastic on leash).

Prince is about 6.5 lbs and still working on gaining weight. He is only about a year old so he is still learning and developing and will learn to adjust to a new home, new play styles and new people in a week or so. It is so rewarding seeing him come out of his shell and blossom and he will do the same once in a forever home.

He might start off shy and need a slow intro to a new home (like a cat) and might not pay too much attention to you during a first meeting (a lot of people don’t want strange dogs jumping on them anyway), once he has time in your home he is the most mushy and loving little guy you will ever meet (and the cutest). He just isn’t a first date type of guy but he would love for someone to give him a chance and let him grow with time. He has already come so far in just a month, imagine how much more outgoing he will be with even more time.

From Pupstarz Rescue. 

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