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Rocco the Chill Miniature Pinscher – ADOPTED

4/2015: Nearly one year after posting Rocco on our site, we got word from his foster mom that she has decided to adopt him. Irene has been a huge advocate for Rocco’s adoption search, bringing him to numerous events and sharing him all over the internet. On what would have been her former dog Katie’s 16th birthday, Irene made it official – in Katie’s honor. 


12/2014 UPDATE: In foster care, looking for adopter. 8-9 yrs old, 20 lbs (lost weight and looks great!). Good with dogs, cats, kids. 

7/2014: Came to our Park Slope Dog Dash & Vaute adoption event.

2 rocco

From his foster mom: Rocco had a home on Long Island from the time he was a puppy, but his original owner is leaving the country and can’t take him along. He weighs about 25 pounds and is on a diet, is housebroken and full of energy despite being middle aged. He will play with toys and follow you around like a puppy.


He likes other dogs that are his size or smaller, and is getting used to bigger ones. Rocco also loves to cuddle and be petted by people, both and children.

Rocco is being fostered by Irene and her senior dog, Katie. He would love to share his home with a younger dog and/or a person who is home most of the time. He can be left alone for long stretches of time (so far about 7 hours), as long as he gets plenty of attention when you come home. He is curious about the feral cats that live near our apartment, so he might be okay sharing his home with one.



Photo credit, image above: Boprey Photography

Main image credit: Jenn Hix Rosen


From Sugar Mutts Rescue

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