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Meet Roscoe the Giant Rottie

Looking for a foster home or adopter. 7 years old, 100 lbs. Male Rottweiler. Good with dogs, cats, and kids. Scroll to bottom of this post for contact info.

Roscoe Taco is a uniquelyexceptional boy! This 7 year old angel has a phenomenal personality. He gets along with dogs, cats, and simply adores children. Yes, he has lived and cuddled with them all. He just loves other dogs and small children, very patient and gentle with them both!

Poor Taco, his story is sad one. His former family, who had him his entire life, took him to the shelter asking him to be euthanized. The vet, who adores him, refused. In fact, his entire medical chart is noted with what an especially kind and sweet boy he is! You see, the family did not want him anymore because he was diagnosed with epilepsy, which, in their eyes, made him imperfect. Taco is doing great on his medication, which is easy to give and inexpensive. In his foster home, he loves to play and cuddle with his human, canine, and feline foster siblings. All we hear from all those that meet him is what a good, sweet boy he is. He is transitioning to his new life very well and cant wait to be adopted. Please give him a chance.

Roscoe Taco is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. He is also housebroken and extremely well-behaved in the home.

Care of twenty paws rescue. Located in NY-area.

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