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Rose the Sweet Senior Poodle – ADOPTED

7/2017: ADOPTED!

5/2017: In a long-term foster home, but still looking for an adopter. 10 yrs, 10 lbs, good with other pets. In heart failure.

4/2017: Needs new foster home soon, ideally a long-term placement – or adopter! 10 yrs, 10 lbs, good with other pets.

New bio, from her foster mom: If you need love, Rose is for you. She is a senior poodle. However, she is filled with life and love. Rose loves to snuggle and travel. She is great in the car and traveling— I have brought her with me for 3 hour drives and to hotels. Rose has separation anxiety. Therefore, she needs to be around people at all times. She is extremely quiet and well behaved. She has sat at bars with me. Rose has brought an immense amount of joy to my life— any owner would be lucky to have her.

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3/2017: Looking for foster home, adopter would be great too! Has congestive heart failure. 10 years old, 10 lbs. Good with other pets. Scroll to bottom of this post for contact info.

1/2017: FOSTERED via Foster Dogs Inc! Looking for an adopter. Read about her foster parents’ story and why she chose to foster a senior dog.

12/22/16: Looking for a foster home or adopter. 9-10 years old, 10 lbs. Female Poodle. Good with dogs and cats! Scroll to bottom of this post for contact info.

NOTE to potential fosters: Rose needs to be with someone that can take her wherever they go; she loves to travel in a tote and is super laid back about it… Or someone who is home or works from home. 

From her rescuer 12/2016: Rose is a delicate 9-10 year poodle. She is 10 lbs of constant cuddles and affection. Rose is very well behaved, she walks extremely well on a leash, doesn’t pull, and doesn’t frighten or get aggressive with strangers or other dogs on the street. She attaches to people very quickly and is completely content to sit on your lap and cuddle all day long with some belly rubs. She is not bark when you’re home, however she has mild-moderate separation anxiety so she’ll whine when you leave her.

She has congestive heart failure, which is just a disease that she deals with. It is managed by 2x daily meds that she’ll eat if it’s hidden in one of her favorite foods (she’s partial to swiss cheese). Due to her heart condition she does have coughing fits, which is just a symptom of the heart condition. Other than her medications, she is a fairly low maintenance dog.

She is crate-trained, and doesn’t chew or destroy any shoes or furniture. She isn’t interested or focused on toys, and is a people person. Although she definitely has been housebroken, due to her meds, she does pee a lot as a side effect. She is trained to use pee pads indoors due to this, and has excellent aim. She is a sweet and gentle little lady who just wants to sit on your lap 24-7 and watch Lifetime movies. 

From her foster mom 1/2017: Rose is easily one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. She has an endless appetite for cuddles, pets, and belly rubs; she loves nothing more than curling up on your lap, right beside you on the couch, or even under the covers in bed on a chilly night. She is friendly to all people and animals, not a mean bone in her body, and though she is an older girl and has a heart condition she doesn’t let those things stop her; she still has an energetic side and loves going for walks or getting to sniff around in new places. I have carried Rose around in a tote bag when shopping for groceries on Arthur Ave, taken her along to meet friends at a bar in Brooklyn, and would have brought her along to the Women’s March on Washington if dogs had been allowed. She is a go-with-the-flow kind of gal, and the only thing she really needs to be happy is people who shower her with love and affection.

From Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue.

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