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Smokey Robinson the Cool Coonhound – ADOPTED

10/11/13: ADOPTED via Foster Dogs NYC & The Dog Matchmaker. Adopters Alaina and Paul have another dog, who will keep Smokey company and play daily at the park! Smokey’s new mom is home a lot, and they even have a yard. How great is that?? He had two amazing foster parents who showed him the love and encouragement he needed so desperately over the past two months.

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9/22/13 UPDATE: Smokey really needs a forever home soon! He’s so ready! If he is not adopted by the end of September, he will need a new foster home. Currently located in Crown Heights. Such a lovely, friendly, gentle dog!

9/1/13: In foster care, looking for adopter. 2 yrs old, 64 lbs, neutered, good with all dogs, housetrained, mellow. Foster Dogs NYC placed him in his current foster home, and are so happy hearing the frequent updates about his progress!

2 smokey field

Smokey Robinson is one cool dude. And handsome, too! He is a 2 year old, 64 lb purebred Bluetick Coonhound. Coonhounds are known for their great demeanor and loving nature. They are bred to be hunting dogs, so Smokey will need a home where he will get plenty of time in the great outdoors, able to smell and sniff to his heart’s desire. Smokey has beautiful eyes, soft long ears and a striking appearance. It doesn’t take long to realize he’s a special guy.

“Smokey Robinson is one of the sweetest, kind-hearted dogs you’ll ever meet,” says his foster parents.

Smokey loves other dogs, his people, and food. He’s very calm and mellow at home, enjoying long naps whenever he’s not outside.

2 smokey

In the park, Smokey loves to play with other dogs, then go for a long hound sniff-about. He can be timid meeting people for the first time but warms up very quickly. Once he knows you, you’re in for life!

Smokey doesn’t like loud noises or a lot of commotion so small children and crowded areas make him nervous. Despite not having any training before, Smokey has learned commands quickly, is 100% house trained and doesn’t like to be on the furniture.

Smokey needs a calm home with people, and would do well with another dog who will be in his “pack.” Long walks (or jogs) with lots of time to sniff around and a yard would make this special guy very happy. We think Smokey is a true “catch,” and can’t wait to see who his adopters will be!

From Social Tees Animal Rescue. 

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