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Stella the Super-Sweet Lab – ADOPTED

3/15/17: ADOPTED by a nice couple in Brooklyn after being found on FosterDogsNYC!

2/28/17: STELLA: Looking for adopter, currently in foster care. 3 years old, 50 lbs, good with dogs and kids. Female Yellow Lab mix. 

Photo: Sarah Brasky @thedogmatchmaker, with @ozzieandtheaussie

Says her foster mom: Stella is the most calm, sweet dog I’ve ever taken care of. She has really enjoyed taking long naps on the couch, snuggling into my arms and my face, and getting a good belly rub. At first she was very scared of cars which made her nervous to go on walks, but she’s gotten used to the noises I think because now she’s enjoying her walks, exploring all the smells around the streets of Brooklyn.

Our March #fosterpackwalk, Photo: Nina Chiofalo

She’s shy and submissive, so when dogs approach her on the street she lets them sniff her, but she doesn’t jump. She sleeps well through the night, sleeping either on the couch or on the floor near my bed. When I first brought her home she didn’t know how to use stairs and was terrified of them, but she’s learning to use the stairs and is becoming a champ!

Photo: Sarah Brasky @thedogmatchmaker

I can’t stress enough how calm and mellow she is, making her fantastic with children or with people who have a calm household. When a kid approaches her on the street she lets them pet her, and then she’ll gently lick their hand or give them kisses.

Our March #fosterpackwalk, Photo: Nina Chiofalo

She also seems to respond well to authority. I’ve seen her try to collect my sneakers and socks, but when I tell her to drop them, she does so immediately. I haven’t yet had to take anything out of her mouth, as she’ll give it up right away if I tell her to. She enjoys a nice bone to chew on.

From PupStarz Rescue

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