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Meet us Saturday for Bissell’s #EmptytheShelters

Foster Dogs Inc is taking over Dog & Co in Columbus Circle this Saturday, thanks to Bissell Pet Foundation’s “Empty the Shelters” event! Come meet these eight wonderful dogs for adoption and learn more about dog adoption and fostering.

Day-After UPDATE: FOUR of the dogs got adopted, all to happy homes. Thanks Bissell for sponsoring their adoption fee!

1-4 PM, Columbus Circle, at Turnstyle shopping center’s pet boutique Dog & Co. Enter at 58th St & 8th Ave, undergroundLocation: 58th & 8th, Columbus Circle: TURNSTYLE shopping center. Look for a store called Dog & CoAddress1000S Eighth Avenue, TurnStyle, Suite 32, New York, NY 10019. TurnStyle is accessed from any subway entrance between 57th and 58th street on 8th Ave. 


Perdita is an absolute sweetheart! She loves to meet every person she encounters and gives out kisses to everyone. It is a good thing, because she gets a lot of attention with her striking black eye patch and adorable spots all over. She responds really well to both treats and good love and affection. She is a little scared of the city sounds, but has made remarkable improvement walking on a leash in just one day. She is now sitting comand to wait to cross the street and has great energy to go for a nice long walk. She is also already riding on the subway like a champ and going to work with her foster mom where she likes to take long naps and get belly rubs. She is good with other dogs as well, but inside your apartment it is best to take it slow with introductions as she can be a little protective over her bed and food bowl. However, she is easily redirected with some attention or a treat. She loves snuggling and playing with toys of all kinds. She is in to fetch, but will also entertain herself with a toy which is sometimes nice! She is a great dog for a more active household that wants to be able to go on adventures with their dog but also chill at home and snuggle on the couch. Perdita is a 5-6 month old Laborador mix from Texas. She is currently 24 lbs and we expect that she will be between 50-60 lbs as an adult. —-> This dog is available for adoption through Muddy Paws Rescue.


Meet Coco! This little fella is 7 years old and only weighs about 8 pounds. So teeny! Coco hasn’t had the best of luck in finding an adopter because he marks a little. He just needs pawrents who are willing to work with him on this one issue. Now to tell you all the amazing things about Coco: He is a world class snuggler, and is perfectly fine with stairs, escalators, trains, automobiles, any method of transportation so you can take him wherever you go. He loves kids and other dogs too! He even has the potential to be off leash trained! And his foster thinks he would do amazing at agility training, as little guy has mad skills! If you’re looking to adopt, contact for an application! Be sure to CC us: info [at] 


Princess Ruby has the most soulful eyes that you could look into all day. She is so playful with both two and four legged companions, and has been playing with her foster dog sister nonstop since day one. This girl was found tied up outside the city shelter, but seems to have been cared for at some point. She is so smart and knows her commands and hand signals like a pro. She’s crate-trained, and housetrained. When she’s pooped herself out from playtime, she is so eager to cuddle with you that sometimes she’ll actually end up on top of you. She enjoys dog-playtime, though she’s a pacifist and doesn’t seem to mind/notice squirrels. She gets sad when she’s alone, so she needs someone who can help her adjust and will be patient while she learns her new routine. Care of Shelter Chic. Located in NYC-area. Ruby is spayed, up to date on shots. If you’re interested in adopting, fill out an adoption application online. Be sure to email us: info [at] 


Tommy is a 4-month-old Foxhound and he recently arrived in NYC as one of the 200 animals that we rescued as a part of our Hurricane Harvey mission. Tommy is an absolute sweetheart and very intelligent. He now lives in Manhattan with his foster parent in the midst all of the hustle and bustle! Whether you want to snooze on the couch or play around, Tommy just wants to be with you. Being a puppy, he is super playful and energetic. He adores everyone and quickly makes friends every type of person — from kids to seniors. He’s learning the basic training commands right now but is doing great with potty training! He loves to be a lap dog and creating his own fun. You can give him a stuffed toy or a bone and he’ll be busy entertaining himself for hours. Tommy is very loyal and would make a wonderful furry best friend! He currently weighs 26 lbs and we expect that he will be 60 lbs as an adult. —–> This dog is available for adoption through Muddy Paws Rescue.


Introducing Loxy! This mature beauty was one of the lucky dogs that hitched a ride up from Dallas, Texas. She feels so lucky to have this new lease on life and cannot wait to meet her forever family! Foster Update: Dogs like Loxy are the reason they call them “man’s best friend.” She is a total love-bug, who loves to be pet and just wants to sit by your side. At about 7 years old, she is at the perfect energy level where she loves going on walks and rolling around in the grass, but when she comes home she’s happy to nap or chew on her bone while you do your thing. She is the most obedient foster dog I’ve had yet, as she already knows “sit”, “down,” and “stay.” If you point to her crate and say, “go to your crate,” she’ll go right on in, happily. Loxy looks to her human for guidance, and will follow your lead. She’s eager to please and food-motivated, making her easy to train. Loxy is the ultimate “no assembly required” dog, totally house-broken and trained. All that’s missing is her forever human. —> This dog is available for adoption through Muddy Paws Rescue. 


From her foster mom: “She loves to say hello to people! She is a bit overweight, but we are working on that. She is treat motivated, in fact sometimes that is the only thing that motivates her. Basically she is a big sweet couch potato! She has two modes outside at the park.. sniffing, or chasing squirrels and horses at full speed, and in the apartment she just lounges around. She is housetrained From her foster mom: “She is always besides herself with happiness when she knows she is going out on a walk. She’s wagged so hard with excitement that she has fallen over! She easily lets you put on her leash and harness to get ready. On her walks, she loves to smell everything she can, and perks up (and will try to chase) squirrels. On longer walks (ones that span 45+ minutes) she may sit on the sidewalk for a bit to enjoy the scenery and catch her breath. Inside, she loves napping and being around people. While watching TV she’ll curl up on the couch or floor next to me. She loves to snuggle. —— From her rescuers: “Sweetheart is a wonderful, loving, snuggle bug! She really lives up to her name. 5 years old and 50 lbs, Sweetheart can’t wait to show you how perfect she is. She is great with other dogs and children, but may try and chase active cats. She loves treats, doesn’t bark and is always ready to give you a hug!” Care of Shelter Chic. Fostered in Manhattan. If you’re interested in adopting, fill out an adoption application online. Be sure to email us: info [at] 


5 years old and 40lbs, Molly is the perfect family dog. Good with dogs, cats and people, happy go lucky Molly has a big smile and a lot of love give! A volunteer writes: Good golly is Miss Molly ever soo sweet! She always looks sleepy-faced (in the cutest way possible!) and is just such a good, loving girl! She doesn’t pull much on leash, seems housebroken, and has been waggy and soft when we’ve passed other dogs. She is incredibly affectionate and has lots of snuggly moves up her sleeves! Her signature one? Resting the entire weight of her head on my knee before going in to thoroughly kiss my face clean! She is very curious about everything going around outside, but her favorite observation deck is my lap (where she becomes so floppy and pliable you might think she was missing a few ribs!). Clear your schedule, come meet this special little lady, and then fill all of your days (and heart!) with Molly!! —> Care of Shelter Chic, fostered in Brooklyn. If you’re interested in adopting, complete an adoption application online. Be sure to email us: info [at] 


Milo is a 20 lb male Terrier mix, 1.5 years old. Care of Found My Animal Rescue Mission.

WANT TO ADOPT? APPLY NOW! Email info [at] with any questions.

Other NYC-area participating shelters: Animal Care Centers of NYC, Posh Pets Rescue, Bideawee

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