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Warwick the Patient Shorkie – ADOPTED

5/2017: ADOPTED

4/20/17: Looking for a foster home or adopter. 2-3 years old, 12 lbs. Shih Tzu / Yorkie mix “Shorkie”. Good with dogs and cats! 

Warwick had a bad start in life but you wouldn’t know it by his gentle and grateful demeanor. His current foster family has 3 dogs already and it pains them to let him go but they feel he deserves to be either the main man or a brother to another dog to get back the huge amount of love he gives.

He sleeps where you sit and waits for his family to come home at the window. He just wants to be loved. He is completely content and at peace when you are sitting by him, all he wants is to be part of a family. He doesn’t shed and is considered hypoallergenic.

The snaggletooth makes him that much more handsome and he will steal the show in your next holiday photo.

Warwick is a heartworm positive dog already treated and ready for adoption. He’s still working on potty training and is intact as he can’t be neutered until 90 days after heartworm treatment.

From Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue.

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