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Willow the Lovely Pit Mix – ADOPTED

5/2015: ADOPTED by her foster parents, who found her on Foster Dogs NYC! Photo update here.


12/9/14: FOSTERED via Foster Dogs NYC

11/16/14: Looking for foster home or adopter. 7 mos old, 30 lbs. Scroll to bottom of this post for contact info!

2 willowWillow is a happy, energetic pup who has had a hard life. She was found being kicked down the street by a group of men. She was starved and sickly. After some love and medical care she has bounced back to become the playful puppy she was meant to be. She needs some training, but her foster mom has found that she responds very well to correction and learns quickly. She has not been around children, but loves all of the adults she has met so far! She needs to be socialized with other dogs. She is in a foster home with one other dog and is learning to get along with her.

Willow needs a foster or “furever” home immediately as her present foster cannot keep her.

From her rescuer: “Willow is a sweet girl who was brought to us by a good person who witnessed her getting kicked down the street by mean people. She was in such bad condition but after some love, and tender care she is bouncing back on her feet.”

From Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue

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