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Winona & Ryder the Fun Hounds – FOSTERED/ADOPTED

4/2017: Winona is in foster care, looking for an adopter. RYDER has been adopted (see below)!

Henry (fka Ryder) was adopted some weeks ago and is doing great. He starts each morning with a bit of yoga. His forever Mom Jennifer says: “He is a dream! The best! He is the most popular dog in the neighborhood. Kids love him and adults takes selfies with him!”

2/22/17 UPDATE: Ryder found a 2-month foster home through Foster Dogs! ADOPTED 4/2017

2/7/17: Looking for foster homes or adopters. 1 yr old, 50 lbs. Hound/Pit Bull mixes.

From their rescue group: Winona (white) and Ryder (white/brown) are looking for a foster/adopter either together or separately. They would love to have a yard to play in. They are active and fun. They love to cuddle and give kisses. They are spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccines.

From Animals-R-Family.

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