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Zeppelin the Musical Puppy – ADOPTED

10/20/13 UPDATE from his new family: “Well it’s been 2 weeks since we’ve adopted Zep and he’s definitely fit right in at home. He’s a great puppy and a wonderfully loyal companion. He’s getting used to the neighborhood and learning new things every day. We love him!”


10/6/13 UPDATE: ADOPTED by site readers, with help from Foster Dogs NYC. His adopters always said that they’d name their future dog “Zeppelin” – how awesome is that? He now lives a wonderful life in Park Slope, Brooklyn


8/24/13: In foster care, looking for adopter. 4.5 months old, mixed breed, currently 20 lbs (will be medium-large sized when full grown), good with dogs, fine with cats, good with all people.

Zeppelin came to our 8/24 Foster Fitness event in NYC, and was a great participant in the workouts – everyone loved this little pup!

Here’s what his foster mom had to say: Zeppelin (aka Bruce) is the greatest pup. I’d keep himself if I hadn’t just adopted a rescue last month. He’s playful, great with children and other dogs and curious about cats (but not in an aggressive way). He barely makes a sound. I’ve only heard him bark when playing with my other dogs.He also loves guitars in music (hence the nickname; he’s a Jimmy Page fan).  He’s pretty much wee-wee pad trained at this point and is getting better at going outside. He’s very smart and gets the concept of “sit” 9 out of 10 times!

From Social Tees Animal Rescue.

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