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Zoey the Sunny Shepherd Mix – ADOPTED

7/2017: ADOPTED!

5/2017: Looking for an adopter. 8-10 years old, 60 lbs. Female German Shepherd mix. Good with dogs, cats, and kids.

From her foster home: Zoey is an 8-10 year old, 60 pound shepherd/husky mix. She is just such a sweet, wonderful pup! She is kind, gentle, affectionate, loyal. More than anything else, Zoey wants to be part of a family and to have a safe, warm, loving place to rest.

She is very eager to please, and although she sometimes gets confused and scared about all the new things she’s being exposed to in the big city, she’s very adaptable, especially when she’s got her person with her. Zoey really just has a one-of-a-kind heart, and when she finds her forever family, she will be the most devoted companion imaginable. Her big brown eyes and sweet puppy smile could brighten anyone’s day! She is pure sunshine.  Zoey very much loves chew toys, nice cushy dog beds, pets, cuddles, walks, and napping in the sun.

She is currently learning the commands: sit and done.  She is a quiet dog and her foster mom has not heard her bark once! Zoey is getting really great at walking on her leash! While walking, she stays right with her foster mom. Zoey loves her walks and is always game to go outside and explore, but she is also totally content to nap most of the day away. Whether her forever family loves going for hikes and wants to bring her with or likes to stay in hang out at home, Zoey would be happy just so long as they’re spending time with her.

Zoey loves her walks and is always happy and dancing around when I get out her leash, sometimes even giving a little howl when she’s really excited. 🙂 She loves to explore and sniff her way around outside, and when she comes in, she wants nothing more than to snuggle up for some pets or to nap on her bed. Zoey is incredibly sweet and affectionate, and even though she’s a little shy of new people at first, she was giving me kisses and cozying up for pets and snuggles within her first couple days with us. 

She really enjoys toys that she can chew on and try to take apart, and she especially enjoys chewing on her fake antler right now. She loves treats, as well, although she can be a bit choosy. 🙂 Her favorite treats right now are little chicken meatballs. 

My pups are a bit rowdy for her to join in with during playtime, as she’s a very mellow older girl, but she likes to watch them wrestle and is never offended when they bowl her over. She likes to play tug with the rope toys, either with me or with one of my pups, and she’s always happy to be included in any activity that the pups or I are doing. Zoey is really just very oriented around being part of the family and being with her dogs and people.

Zoey is amazing with everyone she meets. She’s very polite and respectful and enjoys being with other dogs. One of my pups can be quite grouchy at times, and Zoey is always totally sweet and respectful of her and her space. She loves people and is especially gentle and affectionate with children. 

Zoey is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped. Photos by: Angelica Briones | 

From PupStarz Rescue.

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