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New Fospice Dog: Fluffy

We chose little blind 14 year old Poodle Fluffy as our newest Fospice recipient because she is the true definition of a hospice patient. She so sweet, and sadly due to all her rapidly diminishing health, there’s also very little her foster family can do to ease the pain from her severe arthritis. We here at Foster Dogs NYC want to be able to help make her as comfortable as possible for the time she has left filled with love and comfort. She will be receiving a brand new super comfy bed from Harry Barker, and BarkBox will be sending her monthly gift boxes filled with delicious and fun items for her to enjoy.


We are in the process of setting up an in-home photo shoot for Fluffy and her family. We are honored to be able to be a part of her life, and assist in making her as happy and comfortable as much as we can. She truly deserves to feel loved and cared for.

Says her caretaker Carolyn, “Fluffy was a rescue, who came from a home where the woman rescues are “biters.” When Fluffy arrived to us, she had fresh bite wounds on her head. The woman gave up Fluffy to A New Beginnings Rescue because she recognized that her dog was not doing well in her home and had been attacked several times by some of her more aggressive fur-siblings.”

fluffy fospiceCarolyn tells us: Fluffy is in the end stage of renal failure and has a heart condition, for which is she on daily medication. She came to us with a double ear infection and dry eye as well. We have cleared her ear infections and she is on Optimmune for dry eye. She is a sweet, sad girl with severe arthritis in her hips and back legs. Due to her heart failure and renal failure, she is unable to take pain medication; sadly there is really nothing we can do to eliminate her pain from the arthritis other than massaging her hips and legs.

She is such a gentle soul and it is a heartbreaking to watch her, unable to help. Fluffy does not bark, instead she lets out these long soul-piercing cries to call you. She is a true hospice girl who really needed help. In my home we have created a room called “the senior center.” It is a bedroom where the entire floor is lined in wee wee pads so anywhere an animal goes potty is okay and most of the perimeter of the room has soft dog beds and soft dog houses and blankets.



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