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New Fospice Recipient: Gina

GinaGina is our newest Fospice recipient. She is a super-senior Chihuahua mix, living out her final months/years with a loving family and two fur-siblings. We donated $300 to her rescue group A New Beginning, and have already sent Gina two of her amazing Fospice gifts (photos to come later this week!).

Says Wendy, Gina’s rescuer: “We are so very grateful for your generous donation to our rescue for Gina. I cannot even express how helpful the extra money is to us especially at the current time. We never say ‘no’ to what our vet recommends and therefore we have had about $8,000 in surgeries alone over the past few months alone. Gina is going to the vet to follow up on seizures which she is having. He most likely will put her on medication this time. She is a big spirit in a broken down little body and she deserves every bit of happiness. I am so pleased to know that your organization exists as it gives me hope that there are more people out there fighting for the very old or very defeated dogs. No matter how much battering our hearts take, we just can’t break ourselves from taking them in. It is very inspiring when you find a dog that is super old and people from the Facebook page actually are fighting to adopt them. That should only happen with the ones from everywhere; life would be good.”

Here’s Gina’s story, as told to us by her foster mom Charli: My husband and I were married in May and soon after the wedding I came across Gina on a euthanasia list at the Manhattan ACC shelter. I saw a posting for a 17 yr old blind and deaf dog with an open wound on her neck; I knew I had to save her. I felt that we needed to make sure that Gina knew nothing but love and comfort in her final time, and I was lucky enough that my husband was more than willing to open our home and welcome her. I expressed interest in her and my friend Wendy Caldwell from A New Beginning Animal Rescue saw my pleas for her and was able to pull Gina for us.

An avid animal lover myself, I grew up rescuing animals from the streets and shelters, and now following in my mothers footsteps I am fostering the dogs that others turn away. When we got Gina, whom we refer to as “Girlie,” she was timid and frail. After having her teeth done and surgery to drain her wound, she was all set to begin her new life with us.

2 gina3Gina paced the entire apartment for days before settling down in a spot by our living room window, of course the only spot we didn’t have a dog bed. Trial after trial, six dog beds later, we found one she liked and she had her spot.  That is when she finally was settled and stopped pacing. I have two other two dogs: Gizmo the Chihuahua / Pug, and Kahlua the Chihuahua. They were skeptical and nervous of Girlie at first, but now she is one of the gang.

I cooked her chicken the first few days she was here, though she wouldn’t eat it; she preferred the special Chihuahua food my dogs eat. In true Chihuahua style, she takes a mouthful from the bowl and drops it all down somewhere else to eat. A month or so later, she runs to the kitchen with her brothers to wait by my feet while I cook. Home-cooked meals are her favorite. Just recently, she started wagging her tail when she realizes that my husband or I are home (she sniffs everyones feet to recognize them).

2 gina4Of course, we were nervous at first of having a blind and deaf dog, but we have found that she is so easy it’s no issue at all.  Her favorite game is to follow our footsteps around the house. Gina weighs less than her brothers but eats twice as much and she runs the house now. She is well behaved and loving and my husband and I love everyday we get to spend spoiling her. We are so blessed to be able to share our lives with Girlie and hope she is just as happy here as we are to have her.

To support Gina and dogs like her, please donate to FOSPICE here.


Helps provide end-of-life care to a terminally ill and/or elderly homeless dog. Based on the hospice idea of providing comfort and care.

Stay tuned for photos of Gina enjoying her fancy new Fospice gifts!

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