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New Fospice Recipient: Gwendolyn

“Gwen and I would like to thank you for the donation towards her medical care. It’s been an expensive 2 1/2 weeks since she was pulled out of the kill shelter, she’s had blood work, x-rays and an echocardiogram and is on 4 different heart medications as well as antibiotics. Thank you also for arranging to have a photographer take pictures of her, you couldn’t have picked a more deserving dog.”

Love, Stacy & Gwen (1/30/14 UPDATE)

gwen gwendolyn

Gwendolyn the Chihuahua is almost 15 years old. She lived with the same family for most of her life, until recently when they learned that she had advanced stages of cancer. Her previous owners sent her to the ACC shelter, asking for her to be euthanized (where they would not be allowed to be with her during the injection). What a sad ending for a devoted senior dog.

Luckily, ACC’s New Hope partners called Reefuge Animal Rescue who came to the rescue the day after she was surrendered. Gwen is safe.


Her mammary tumors and heart murmur might not allow Gwen much longer to live, so she is in a “forever foster” home in Norwalk CT. She is past the stages where surgery would be beneficial.

Foster Dogs NYC’s fospice program allowed for us to donate to her veterinary care, to help alleviate some of Reefuge Rescue’s expenses when saving this girl. We hope to get her professional photos taken soon, so we can see how beautiful she truly is!

Says her foster mom Stacy, “Gwen is a little sweetheart and we are in love with her. She had her echocardiogram today [1/22/14] and even though the news isn’t great, we hope all the new heart meds will help keep her around for as long as possible. Thank you again for the donation, it helps with all the vet bills we’ve had in the past week.”

UPDATE: View Gwen’s professional photos here, by Muttography in CT

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