Connecting homeless dogs with people who want to foster!

Operation Foster Bound

Operation Foster Bound

A shelter dog’s journey doesn’t end when he or she leaves the shelter. In fact, in many cases, that’s where their story begins. With a goal to shine light and bring attention to these dogs, Foster Dogs has launched Operation Foster Bound. This program focuses on a small group of dogs from who’ve gotten the short end of the stick. DONATE here.

Meet the canine participants, many of whom are still waiting for homes!:

REY (Sean Casey Animal Rescue) – ADOPTED 7/2016. VIEW UPDATE HERE!


BEAR (Sean Casey Animal Rescue) – FOSTERED, looking for forever home. VIEW UPDATE HERE!


BERNIE (Twenty Paws Animal Rescue) – FOSTERED, looking for forever home.


ARIEL (Twenty Paws Animal Rescue) – ADOPTED 7/2016. VIEW UPDATE HERE!


ONYX (Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue) – ADOPTED 7/2016. VIEW UPDATE HERE!


REGINA (Sean Casey Animal Rescue) – VIEW UPDATE HERE! ADOPTED 7/2016


RIKKI (Mr. Bones & Co.) – ADOPTED!


AdoptaDoodle_REGINA_smView our photo album on Facebook

Some shelter dogs are considered more “desirable” than others – whether it is because of the breed, age, or physical condition – and are rescued from the shelters quickly, while others may be stuck in the cold, stark facilities for a longer time, at no fault of their own.


Photo: Michelle McSwain

Founder Sarah Brasky says, “Once these long-time shelter dogs are moved into foster homes, they become more ready for adoption, and free up a space at their shelter for another homeless dog in need.” Foster Dogs aims to improve the foster system in our city. Brasky says, “We are eager to launch this program and change the lives of some special shelter pups.”

One of the biggest burdens that people encounter when fostering is the financial aspect.  In an effort to alleviate this issue, nonprofit organization Foster Dogs will provide food, training, transportation, and supplies to dogs fostered through this unique program.

By lending a helping hand, Foster Dogs hopes people will gain interest and foster an overlooked shelter dog. The foster caretakers will help these dogs by providing adequate exercise, socialization, and most importantly, love.

Through Operation Foster Bound, Brasky says, “We hope that more people will jump at the chance to make a world of a difference to a dog in need.”

Want to foster any of these dogs? Email us to get the conversation started! info [at]

The best type of applicant is a person (or couple) with some amount of dog care experience, someone who can commit to 2+ months of care, and someone within a close distance to NYC. We provide professional training, food, a “foster sponsor” (someone from our team whom you can contact directly, with questions or concerns), and other amazing perks! We can even help with transportation costs, depending on the distance.

2-rey-reyPlease share this program with friends, so we can get these homeless dogs out there into dedicated, experienced foster homes. Saving them from the shelter was the first step, but kennel living is not a permanent solution. We want to see them thrive. Foster Dogs will provide the tools to make this a success, and will alleviate the financial burden on the foster parent by providing everything we possibly can. This is a splendid and serious commitment, and we will be there for you through your foster journey. Let’s get these dogs out of the kennel, and into a “forever home.”

Thanks to PetSafe, who has donated harnesses, leashes, and collars for each dog in our Operation Foster Bound. And thanks to DEN Dog Beds, who will donate one big dog bed to EACH dog in our program, and to Adopt-a-Doodle who is creating a custom illustration of each dog, to help promote their adoption and foster search. Dog trainers include: Anthony from Calm Energy Dog Training, Kellie from Gonzo Dog, Alexis from Zen Dog, Rachel from Brooklyn Dogtime.

2 bernie

Can’t foster? Donate to support Operation Foster Bound.

Huge thanks to Lesa Herrera, who designed all seven Operation Foster Bound posters!

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