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Operation Foster Bound

OPERATION FOSTER BOUND [OFB]: Assisting long-term shelter dogs in finding foster placements, supporting the dogs and foster parents throughout their journey on a one-on-one basis, and eventually, finding wonderful adoptive homes. A program developed and run by Foster Dogs, Inc., in collaboration with individual rescue organizations for each participating dog.

Bear, Operation Foster Bound 2016, @realhappydogs

A shelter dog’s journey doesn’t always end when he or she leaves the shelter. In fact, that’s often where their story begins. With a goal to shine light on – and bring attention to – these seemingly forgotten dogs, Foster Dogs has launched Operation Foster Bound. This program focuses on supporting a small group of shelter dogs who’ve gotten the short end of the stick.

Operation Foster Bound

Meet our 2017 Operation Foster Bound dogs:


Meet our 2016 Operation Foster Bound dogs (all adopted!):

REY from Sean Casey Animal Rescue waited two years, and finally found a family with another dog they’d previously adopted from the very same shelter. He was an active big buy with a puppy personality, and found a family who loves him for it! (Professional photo shoot with Robert Stoetzel, @shop_dog_and_co)

BEAR from Sean Casey Animal Rescue waited two years for a foster home. May, he moved into a foster home, and was adopted on Christmas by his foster parents! (Professional photo shoot with Milla Chappell, @realhappydogs)

BERNIE from Twenty Paws was adopted on his fourth birthday, after three years of waiting and seven months in foster care. (Professional photo shoot with Leslie Leda, @ledaphotography)

ARIEL from Twenty Paws was stuck in a boarding kennel for four years, and in foster for three months. Her forever family lives in MA and posts on Instagram daily! (Professional photo shoot with Milla Chappell, @realhappydogs)

ONYX from Heavenly Angels was in boarding for six years, stuck in a cage with no potential adopters in sight. After five months of foster care, her foster mom made it official and adopted! (Professional photo shoot with Robert Stoetzel, @shop_dog_and_co, @human_and_hound)

REGINA from Sean Casey Animal Rescue entered Operation Foster Bound on her 3rd anniversary at the shelter. Thanks to some amazing networking, she found a foster and then moved to a training facility/sanctuary, where she learned excellent manners and was adopted a couple months later! (Professional photo shoot with Robert Stoetzel, @shop_dog_and_co)

RIKKI from Mr. Bones & Co was the quickest “success story” in Operation Foster Bound, finding her foster mom in the first month of the program, who soon decided to adopt! (Professional photo shoot with Rebekah Nemethy @reflectinphotos)

PRESS for Operation Foster Bound: BarkPost, PupJournal, This Dog’s Life

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Bernie and foster mom Kiersten. Credit: Leda Photography

About the program:

Some shelter dogs are considered more “desirable” than others – whether it is because of the breed, age, or physical condition – and are rescued from the shelters quickly, while others may be stuck in the cold, stark facilities for a longer time, at no fault of their own.

Founder Sarah Brasky says, “Once these long-time shelter dogs are moved into foster homes, they become more ready for adoption, and free up a space at their shelter for another homeless dog in need.” Foster Dogs aims to improve the foster system in our city. Brasky says, “We are eager to launch this program and change the lives of some special shelter pups.”

One of the biggest burdens that people encounter when fostering is the financial aspect. In an effort to alleviate this issue, nonprofit organization Foster Dogs will provide food, training, transportation, and supplies to dogs fostered through this unique program.

By lending a helping hand, Foster Dogs hopes people will gain interest and foster an overlooked shelter dog. The foster caretakers will help these dogs by providing adequate exercise, socialization, and most importantly, love.

Through Operation Foster Bound, Brasky says, “We hope that more people will jump at the chance to make a world of a difference to a dog in need.”

Thanks to OFB In-Kind Sponsors:

Onyx and foster mom-turned-adopter Lesa, 2016. @shop_dog_and_co

Want to bring home an Operation Foster Bound dog?

WHO: The best type of applicant is a person / couple with some amount of dog care experience, someone who can commit to 2+ months of care, and someone within a close distance to NYC.

WHAT YOU’LL GET: We provide professional training, food, a “foster case worker” (someone from our team whom you can contact directly, with questions or concerns), and other amazing perks! We will help with transportation costs, depending on the distance, getting the dog into his or her new home. If you have another pet, please let us know as some dogs in the program must be the only pet in the home.

HOW: Email us to get the conversation started! info [at]

Can’t foster? Donate to support Operation Foster Bound.

PLEASE SHARE! Please share this program with friends, so we can get these homeless dogs out there into dedicated, experienced foster homes. Saving them from the shelter was the first step, but kennel living is not a permanent solution. We want to see them thrive. Foster Dogs will provide the tools to make this a success, and will alleviate the financial burden on the foster parent by providing everything we possibly can. This is a splendid and serious commitment, and we will be there for you through your foster journey. Let’s get these dogs out of the kennel, and into a “forever home.”

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