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One Incredible Photo. Eleven Incredible Dogs.

This photo might be the best thing ever.

foster dogs nyc shaina fishman

Eleven former foster dogs, all previously listed on, all adopted! We recently had a group photo shoot in Manhattan with Shaina Fishman Photography. This group shot shows that rescue dogs come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Fishman collaborated with Foster Dogs NYC to organize this stunning shot. Found My Animal not only provided apparel for the shoot, but donated an amazing gift package for each dog! [Featured 12/4 on BarkPost]

Our cast, shown with their original shelter/foster photo:

STELLA the Dalmatian mix, rescued by Angel Capone Pitbull Rescue. “Stella the stowaway” was an 8 week old puppy who came from a southern high-kill shelter with a group of Australian Shepherd mix puppies; the shelter added her last-minute onto the transport, which ended up saving her life. She lives in Astoria, Queens, and helps her mom and dad foster dogs on a regular basis. #fosterfail


CHARLIE the Black Lab mix, rescued by Angel Capone Pitbull Rescue.  Cuddly Charlie (formerly Reeses) came to NYC from the south, with his Labrador brothers Rollo and Oreo. His parents recently did a DNA test, and it turns out he’s got a bit of Irish Wolfhound in him – whoa! #fosterfail


RUBY the Boston Terrier mix, rescued by Social Tees Animal Rescue. Ruby (formerly Zara / Zena) came to NYC with For Pet’s Sake, who saves dogs from Tennessee and other southern states. Foster Dogs NYC invited Foster Roster applicants Tim and Patricia to an adoption event, to foster a specific dog. They met Ruby, went home, and adopted her soon after. #fosterfail


LILY BEAN the Hovawart, rescued by Friends With Four Paws. Lily Bean waited for months to find a home. She was stuck in Oklahoma, waiting for an NYC home to open up. Once she arrived, her foster mom fell in love and adopted her within a week. Turns out, Lily is older than originally thought, and landed a perfect home with Foster Dogs NYC volunteer Lauren. #fosterfail


BRUNO the Bull Terrier, rescued by Angel Capone Pitbull Rescue. Originally fostered by Foster Dogs NYC volunteer Katherine (after coming in from a southern kill-shelter), this Bull Terrier was a skinny little dude — just 20 lbs. Now, he’s the love of his adopter’s life, and has completely filled out (likely over 50 lbs!). He’s all smiles all day long.


MELI the Pit Bull, rescued by Twenty Paws Rescue. After many months in foster care (and coming to our Foster Fitness & Think Big events), Meli finally met her new parents Aubrey and Katie at our Think Big event. She is one of the most perfect Pit Bulls out there: gentle, mellow, sweet with everyone. When she’s not training for races with her mom, she’s out on the beach or lounging on the couch.


PIPER the Chiweenie, rescued by Friends With Four Paws. Saved at 3 months old, Chiweenie sisters Romy and Michele found a foster home with Hillary and Joe (via Foster Dogs NYC). After having fostered several other pups, Hillary had a gut feeling that Michele was the dog for her. The two puppies now have had play dates, and might even spend some overnights together. #fosterfail


EDIE the Australian Terrier, Independently rescued. Found as a stray, and fostered by a good samaritan. Sasha discovered Edie (formerly Chewbacca) on Foster Dogs NYC, and instantly fell in love. Now, Edie eats Kale for snack and accompanies her mom most everywhere.


MURRAY the Maltese mix, rescued by Angel Capone Pitbull Rescue. Rescued from out-of-state, Murray arrived in NYC in pretty yucky shape (see original photo below). He had a scab on his forehead, and had to be completely shaved down due to matting. Foster Dogs NYC reached out to our Foster Roster database, and Jill and Ben stepped up. Soon, Murray (formerly Snoopy) was officially adopted. #fosterfail


MAX the Yorkshire Terrier, rescued by Angel Capone Pitbull Rescue. Max came from an out-of-state rescue mission, and found a foster home with Rebecca through our Foster Roster database! Now, Rebecca and Chris love Max to bits. Max even accompanies Chris to work at SplashThat, where he is the office dog!


BROOKLYN the Bull Terrier / Pit Bull mix, rescued by Twenty Paws Rescue. Found as a stray in Brooklyn, this big-boned Bull Terrier / Pit Bull mix found a great foster home through his rescue group. His housemates were: a dog, guinea pig, and kittens. His foster parents adopted him, and say he’s a clumsy, sweet boy! #fosterfail


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