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Operation Foster Bound: 7 Dogs in 7 Months

7 dogs in 7 months

All dogs in our #OperationFosterBound program have officially found foster homes or adopters, as of the end of July 2016. Who knows what August and September will bring!

Operation Foster Bound has had THE BEST SUMMER POSSIBLE.

We can hardly believe it.


Ariel, by Milla Chappell @realhappydogs

This success is the result of many dedicated, amazing, altruistic people coming together to help a few dogs in need. THANK YOU to everyone who has helped! Corporate donors, dedicated Foster Dogs volunteers, participating rescue groups, graphic designers and creative professionals, other nonprofit organizations, helpful & generous fans (thanks for sharing links and donating funds!), and of course seven cool dogs. It takes a village!

OFB operation foster bound

Meet the seven dogs! Posters designed by Lesa Herrera

These 7 dogs spent a combined TWENTY years in cages.

Life in a cage or stressful boarding kennel is not a life for any dog, and we chose seven deserving long-term shelter dogs on whom to focus our efforts. When a dog is saved from a kill-shelter or a bad situation, that is the first step in his/her new life. It’s an important step, yes, but another crucial matter is where to put that dog once safe. Foster homes make an invaluable difference, taking that dog out of a cold, scary kennel or cage, and allowing the dog to feel “normal” and to learn how to be a happy pet.

2 onyx dogandco3

Onyx, by Robert Stoetzel @shop_dog_and_co

We found that once each of the “OFB” dogs moved into a home, they became much more relaxed, better-behaved, less dog-reactive, and overall happier. Working with our amazing OFB trainers Gonzo Dog, Calm Energy Dog Training, Brooklyn Dogtime, and ZenDog Training, the dogs were able to learn obedience and social skills to help improve their behavior.

All of these dogs had the potential to be typical awesome pets, but weren’t given the proper opportunities over the years. It was time for a change. And amazingly, it worked!

bernie leslie leda

Bernie, by Leslie Leda, @ledaphotography

We are gearing up to sponsor a NEW GROUP of homeless dogs later this year, and can only do so with increased funding. For every $300 raised for Operation Foster Bound, we can sponsor 1 additional dog – DONATE here.



ONYX & mom


RIKKI & mom

OFB Rey adopted family photo

REY & family


ARIEL & family

Regina Adopted

REGINA & family

FOSTERED (up for adoption):


BERNIE & foster parents


BEAR & foster parents

HOMELESS Operation Foster Bound Dogs: NONE!

Each dog received a donation from Foster Dogs Inc, to their nonprofit rescue group of $200 – $300, to help cover previous boarding costs and veterinary care. They also were provided with assistance in finding a foster home, professional photos to promote their adoption, a cushy denim bed from Den Dog Beds, harness and collar from PetSafe, beautiful printed caricatures from Adopt-a-Doodle, Treats from Rams, Poop Bags from Earth Rated, grooming (if needed!), food, and vet care when needed (thanks VetCierge and City Vet!). We aim to provide the foster parent with constant advice and material support, and show the caretakers that we are here to support them as well as the dog.

This was our first round of Operation Foster Bound, and we are thrilled with the results. Want to adopt one of the available dogs you see above? Email info [at]!


Regina, by Robert Stoetzel @human_and_hound

To support our organization in preparation to welcoming a NEW GROUP of Operation Foster Bound dogs, please donate to our nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible! There are always more homeless dogs in need, and we hope to save many more through this program and continue making a difference.

Main image: Bernie and Kiersten, by Leslie Leda of Leda Photography
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