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Operation Foster Bound is BACK, Baby!

Operation Foster Bound is BACK in action, with a new group of rescue doggies. We’ll be sharing photos of the new crew throughout the next week on and on our social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). SUZIE, ANDY, BENTLEY, PANDORA, and KATIE!

Suzie, rescued & fostered through Operation Foster Bound

As you may remember, we selected 7 homeless dogs in 2016 from several rescue groups in the area, to receive funding, materials, and support from us as part of this unique and life-saving program. These are all dogs who are considered less-desirable due to any combo of: older age, breed, lack of training, disability.

How Foster Dogs is helping:

We earned a $5,000 grant from Petco this year to enable us to run this program and support at least 7 more dogs in 2017! We will sponsor each OFB dog with a $250 up-front donation, plus we will match their adoption fee once they find a forever home; that’s $500 per dog sent directly to the rescue group! In addition, Foster Dogs will arrange for each dog to have a photo shoot, spa day, training sessions, dog care materials, and more! And needless to say, we will help each dog find a foster home and adopter – the best part! Foster parents should feel completely supported and appreciated throughout the entire experience, as a Thank You for doing great work and for bringing home a dog in need.

Lesa and Onyx, who met through Operation Foster Bound

Program Data:

  • 7 long-term shelter dogs, from 4 NYC-area rescue groups
  • All dogs found foster homes within 7 months
  • All dogs adopted within one year, three adopted by their foster parents
  • Spent a combined twenty years in boarding kennels
  • Previously had zero interest from foster volunteers or adopters
  • 100% success!

Bear and his foster parents (turned adopters!), @realhappydogs

Operation Foster Bound’s amazing success stories:

REY from Sean Casey Animal Rescue waited two years, and finally found a family with another dog they’d previously adopted from the very same shelter. He was an active big buy with a puppy personality, and found a family who loves him for it!

BEAR from Sean Casey Animal Rescue waited two years for a foster home. In May, he moved into a foster home, and was adopted on Christmas by his foster parents!

BERNIE from Twenty Paws was adopted on his fourth birthday, after three years of waiting and seven months in foster care.

ARIEL from Twenty Paws was stuck in a boarding kennel for four years, and in foster for three months. Her forever family lives in MA and posts on Instagram daily!

ONYX from Heavenly Angels was in boarding for six years, stuck in a cage with no potential adopters in sight. After five months of foster care, her foster mom made it official and adopted!

REGINA from Sean Casey Animal Rescue entered Operation Foster Bound on her 3rd anniversary at the shelter. Thanks to some amazing networking, she found a foster and then moved to a training facility/sanctuary, where she learned excellent manners and was adopted a couple months later!

RIKKI from Mr. Bones & Co was the quickest “success story” in Operation Foster Bound, finding her foster mom in the first month of the program, who soon decided to adopt!

PRESS about Operation Foster Bound:

Says Katie Crank of PupJournalFoster Dogs NYC’s newest program, Operation Foster Bound, focuses on finding foster homes for pups who stay longer in shelters through no fault of their own. Perhaps their age, breed, or health issues make potential adopters hesitate; Operation Foster Bound is meant to find foster homes for these pups so that the dog can decompress and so that the human can learn more about the dog’s personality. Brasky says, “The seven dogs we chose for Operation Foster Bound have been on for quite a while, some of them waiting years for a home. A boarding kennel is not a permanent solution for a rescued dog. Yes, the dog is safe from euthanasia, but this is not a quality existence.” One early example of success through Operation Foster Bound is Bernie. According to Brasky, “Bernie has been on our website since May 2013; that’s no bueno. Now, he’s been lucky enough to find a foster home through our program and will receive formal training, plus a dog bed and other great perks. The best reward will come when Bernie finally gets adopted. His best chance of finding an adopter is through improved training skills, learning how to be a typical dog again, and getting out in public to meet new people.” Operation Foster Bound provides supplies, food, training, and even a photo shoot for these special pups; all of these supports are meant to help find the dogs a forever home.

3 Genius Ways This Organization Makes Foster Dogs Irresistible

BARKPOST: “One of the most crucial steps in dogs finding their furever homes is moving them into a temporary foster home. The dogs become more prepared for adoption by being exposed to more socialization and the routine of a household, plus there is the added benefit that a dog being fostered has created more room at the shelter for another homeless dog.”

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  • PetSafe sent us a glorious supply of harnesses and collars, for each dog in the program!
  • Adopt-a-Doodle: cartoon printed portraits for each dog (see collage below of our 2016 group)
  • Wisdom Panel has sent DNA kids for two of our “mystery mutt” OFB dogs, worth $170!
  • One of our lucky OFB dogs will receive weekly deliveries of homemade dog food from Ollie, worth $150/month! (Sign up and get $50 off, and $50 is donated to Foster Dogs)
  • Dog trainers: Anthony Newman, Calm Energy Dog Training. Kellie Stevens, Gonzo Dog, Alexis Toriello, Zen Dog, Rachel Cohen Maso, Brooklyn Dogtime
  • Earth Rated sent us a huge supply of poop bags, worth over $200
  • Lesa Herrera @ffleurious designed all posters for the program

Get Involved! Donate!

  • Share our OFB dogs, which we’ll be posting about on social media!
  • Support our efforts so we can sponsor more homeless dogs this year for Operation Foster Bound DONATE
  • Help these dogs in a tangible way! Donate for a dog’s care, and make a note when you send your donation (tax-deductible)
    1. Dog food: $50/month
    2. Harness, leash, and collar: $60
    3. One dog’s adoption fee: $250
    4. One dog’s entire OFB experience: $700 – $1,000
    5. Sponsor a whole new group of 5 OFB dogs! $5,000
  • Are you a corporation who wants to send a surprise care package to one or all of our OFB dogs? Let us know! OFB [at]

Kiersten and Bernie, by @ledaphotography

Cover photo: Ariel and her rescuer Rachel from Twenty Paws, by @realhappydogs.
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