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Operation Foster Bound: Meet ARIEL


EXCITING NEWS 4/24/16: ARIEL found a foster home through Operation Foster Bound, with Elsie and Rik in Manhattan. She’s doing so well, and is actually incredibly mellow and calm. She loves leisurely walks, spending time with you, and laying on the couch. She already had her first professional training session. She would be fine living with an older calm dog, or would be perfect as an only-pet. Want a lazy adult dog who will keep you company and love you forever? Email us to adopt!


Beautiful brindle Shepherd mix ARIEL had a special treat: a professional photo shoot with @realhappydogs, as part of our Operation Foster Bound program. Through OFB, we have placed several long-term shelter dogs into foster care, getting them one step closer to finding adopters.


Ariel joined us two years ago at our “Think Big” adoption event, and is sadly still looking for a foster home or adopter. Living in a boarding kennel is not a permanent solution for any dog, especially one who adores human attention (even kids!).

Photographer Milla Chappell recently met with Ariel and her rescuer Rachel Gozman from Twenty Paws Rescue. A photo shoot was just what the doctor ordered, since Ariel was loving her moment in the spotlight. Ariel’s kind soul and happy demeanor completely shine through.

As a perk for Operation Foster Bound, we’ve donated $200 to her rescue group, and arranged for her to receive a custom portrait from Adopt-A-Doodle. Once she moves into a foster home, she will receive a huge Den denim bed, high-quality harness, food, and whatever we can possibly do to help. All she’s missing is a FOSTER HOME!

1Ariel-0001More about Ariel, from her rescue group: This precious 6 year old, 60 lb brindle Shepherd/Pit mix has a world of love to give! Ariel absolutely loves humans and children. With a heart of gold, Ariel will even let you play with her and her food dish while she is eating and loves to dress up in any costume or outfit! What a gem! Who could ever resist those soulful eyes, perky smile, and expressive ears? She looks forward to the day she can play, snuggle, and spoil her human!

Before she was dumped in a high-kill shelter, the only life she knew was as a breeding machine and mommy. Once her ‘family’ no longer had any use for her, they dumped her in a rural TN shelter. Not only was she abandoned and on death row, but she was stuck in a location where it is illegal to adopt a dog with any Pit bull in them. Inevitably, Ariel was scheduled for death. Needless to say, Ariel did not die that day– she began a new life as a Twenty Paws dog! This doll yearns to finally know what its like to be someone’s baby. She cared for so many in the past, and they were all stolen from her. No one cared for her at all. She lavished at her newly found freedom and second chance. Eternally grateful to the vet staff for their determination to improve her health, Ariel showers them with kisses and wiggles. Truly, now it is her turn to experience love and affection.


Photos by Milla Chappell @realhappydogs, for @fosterdogsnyc’s Operation Foster Bound program to encourage fostering of long-term shelter dogs.

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