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Operation Foster Bound: Meet BERNIE

AMAZING UPDATE: In August 2016, Bernie moved into a Foster-to-Adopt home — and in November, his adoption became OFFICIAL!

Bernie will be four years old on July 15th. Let’s see if we can find him an adopter before his birthday! Want to meet him? He’s waiting for you!

bernie leslie leda

Bernie is a happy-go-lucky hound/pit bull mix who is one lucky guy!

Bernie is part of our Operation Foster Bound program, in which we help long-term shelter dogs from local rescue groups find foster homes, and have a successful experience! So far, Bernie has received (in addition to A FOSTER HOME): photo shoot with Leslie Leda, custom portrait from Adoptadoodle, professional training sessions with Gonzo Dog, a luxurious dog bed from DEN, an in-home vet visit from VetCierge, lots of foster supplies, and of course tons of love and support. We’re working with his rescuers from Twenty Paws who want to see him find a loving home.

All he needs now is an adopter! 

bernie kisses

We helped find Bernie a foster home earlier this year with Kiersten and Matt, who have been completely dedicated to his well-being and improvement. Find him on Instagram: @berniethefosterdog. He recently had a priceless photo shoot with Leslie Leda in Central Park, who has donated her time and skills to us countless times over the years (Examples: Foster Fashion, July 2014 adoption eventJune 2015 adoption event, CharlieACC’s new adoption van).

How great does Bernie look? Answer: SO great!

He even has a precious custom cartoon drawn by Adopt-a-Doodle!


Twenty Paws Rescue says, “Bernie was dumped in a shelter after the resident dogs kept attacking him, and the owners could not handle it anymore. Bernie weighs 54 lbs and is in good health- vaccinated and neutered. He is incredibly sweet and a total doll. He loves to play fetch and tug of war with his chew/squeeze toys. A perfect gentleman on leash, Bernie enjoys long walks around the neighborhood. He is amazing with children! Full of life and eager to please, Bernie has a wonderful disposition.” He’s not able to live with other pets at this time, but loves his humans – and makes the best couch snuggle buddy.

bernie leslie leda

From Twenty Paws Rescue. Photos by Leslie Leda, for @fosterdogsnyc’s Operation Foster Bound program to encourage fostering and adoption of long-term shelter dogs.

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