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Operation Foster Bound: Meet ONYX

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HUGE UPDATE 6/2016 – read more!

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One lucky dog!

Meet Onyx, one of our beloved Operation Foster Bound dogs. Through our incredible new program, Foster Dogs has sponsored seven long-term shelter dogs in finding a foster home, and in promoting them for adoption. We provide free training with the help of three local professional trainers, and reimburse food costs, as well as sending foster materials. Each dog gets a huge cushy bed to bring one day to their adoptive home, and a custom portrait for their foster parent to keep. So much love; all we need are dedicated foster homes and adopters! Foster mom Lesa found Onyx through our program, when we offered to help Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue in promoting this cute 40-lb homeless dog. Lesa tells us how amazing Onyx acts at home, not chewing anything other than her toys; tug of war is a favorite, and she’s comfortable staying in the crate during the day. “She has a puppy spirit and is a happy dog. Onyx is the snuggliest! She loves being the center of human attention.” She loves meeting kids and babies, or popping into a local shop.

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Onyx recently met with the amazing team at Dog & Co., to help model some of their fun apparel and toys and to show off her unique look and sweet personality. This tiny Pit mix loves city life, and even hangs with the grown-ups at the bar from time to time. Onyx loves people, and adapts to nearly any situation. She’s not a fan of other dogs or cats (and will chase away any rats or mice!), but that’s okay since she is such a precious little monkey. She’s active, and loves long walks or runs with her person.

Lesa says, “Onyx’s favorite thing to to is to socialize in any store that will let her inside. It’s her job to look into every shop to make sure everything is being handled correctly, she is every store’s supervisor. She never forgets where she received a treat and will always double check to make she sure they don’t have one for her each time she passes by.”

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Dog & Co. shared Onyx’s story on their site:

We spent an afternoon at our favorite Brooklyn bar with ONYX and her amazing foster Lesa to find out a bit more about this sweet pocket Pittie and what makes her so special.

Foster mom Lesa says, “I found out about Onyx after designing the Operation Foster Bound poster for Foster Dogs. I wasn’t planning on fostering while I was doing the posters… but after the first poster (featuring Onyx) went live, I looked at her photos from the rescue, learned more about her story, and was very touched. It felt like this dog just couldn’t get a break! She was about to lose her existing foster home, and would have to go back to the kennel if she didn’t find another one. Onyx has already spent 5 years at the rescue, and I just thought it would be so sad to see her go back. I decided that I was willing to foster her for a month or two instead.”

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How much do you know about ONYX’s history?

“Onyx was rescued by Heavenly Angels after being found tied to a post in East New York, NY. She then lived at the rescue for about 5 years, unfortunately spending much of her time in a crate. She was finally moved into a foster home about a year ago, but unfortunately wasn’t able to stay there any longer as the foster family was moving.”

Does ONYX have any funny quirks? What are her favorite things to do?

“Onyx’s snout was disfigured when she was attacked by a dog several years ago, and because of that, she makes the cutest snorting sounds.

Her favorite thing to do is socialize in any store that will let her in. She thinks that it’s her job to look into every shop and make sure business is being handled correctly…she really thinks that she is the supervisor. And she never forgets where she’s received a treat!

Onyx also adores babies and children. She does occasionally try to jump on/in strollers when they pass by as she so badly wants to see the baby…this can obviously sometimes alarm the parents – but for the most part, they leave smiling after they realize that she just wants to give love.”

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What type of home do you think ONYX will do best in?

I think Onyx would do best with a person who has good dog experience, and as the only pet. She is amazing indoors. Outdoors, she loves walks and playing, but due to her history, she has some insecurities and she is selective with dogs – so an experienced owner is needed. Oh, and she does not like cats or rats!

2 onyx cactus“Because I work at home, I have spent nearly 24/7 with Onyx since fostering her. We have become very close and I love that she can sit next to my desk all day without making a fuss. She has this really cute habit of reaching up to me in my chair and touching my leg when she wants some attention, it’s very gentle and polite. She also does it to ask if she can get on the furniture…it’s so sweet, and hard to resist!”

“For everything that Onyx has been through, I just can’t believe what a happy dog she is. She is SO trusting and loving. She is extremely friendly to anyone who approaches her. She just wants to be loved!”

Thank you Dog & Co. for this incredible opportunity to show off the glory of this great dog. She has waited her entire life for an adopter, and we hope that this shows the world how special and fun she really is!

Want to adopt and/or meet Onyx? Email us! info [AT]

This little cutie sits on her foster mama’s lap at the park where they watch the sunset- or at restaurants. Plus, she loves lettuce. How can you not want this girl in your life?

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