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Operation Foster Bound: Meet REGINA


Regina entered our Operation Foster Bound (OFB) on her 3rd shelter anniversary at Sean Casey Animal Rescue. OFB is a wonderful new program to spotlight several local long-term shelter dogs who are considered “safe,” but homeless and need an extra boost to find lasting homes.

2 regina sophie gamand

Regina, #PitBullFlowerPower by Sophie Gamand, August 2014. Via HuffPost

We provide whatever is possible, to place the dogs into homes and continue their progress in foster care. The staff and volunteers at Sean Casey Animal Rescue – and Foster Dogs Inc – all advocated for her to find a home, and finally last month, something magical happened.

It all began when we visited the shelter with photographer Robert Stoetzel of Dog & Co, to get some glamour shots of Regina. She spent time with Alexis Toriello of Zen Dog Training, who helps train several other SCAR dogs (see: Fufu), and began fostering another dog in need that very week: Trixie!


We shared Regina’s story and photos on our site, and her tale gained traction. People started to talk more about her situation, and there was a glimmer of hope in the air. It was about time, as her health began deteriorating from depression and arthritis due to her time spent in the shelter. Something had to change.


Amazingly, soon after Regina’s story spread, she found a local foster home with a wonderful woman named Margie. Margie lives in Brooklyn, and was very aware of the fact that this dog had a lot of adjusting to do, as she has never lived in a home before! We provided Margie with a donated Easy Walk harness, Gentle Leader harness, leash, custom portrait by Adopt-a-Doodle, Earth Rated poop baggies, and more.


Now that Regina was in foster care, she could relax and find peace living in a home for the very first time in her life. Regina’s newfound advocate Caitlyn Himmel saw Regina’s story, and reached out to an animal sanctuary out of state, to see if there was space for one more resident. The stars aligned, and a miracle happened.

After one month in foster care, Regina was driven to Norfolk, Virginia to begin her new life at a Forever Home Rehab Center. We encourage you to send goodies to Regina and the other doggy residents. Their wish list is here.


Now, this smiley dog spends her days helping the staff at their desks, always requesting to sit on the swivel chairs. She’s mastering the skills of leash-walking, and will practice her social skills with trained staff. Regina is a staff favorite, of course – just as she was in Brooklyn. This beautiful mini Blackmouth Cur mix gets a fresh start.


She has begun working on her dog social skills, which is great to see! First, she was on-leash and learning proper behavior, and soon she is showing that she can be part of the pack off-leash, feeling free and friendly! What a huge difference for this wonderful dog. Her trainers are helping her become a whole new self!



Training photos via FHRC on Facebook

Sean Casey Animal Rescue’s foster coordinator Ally Andriolas shared with us:

I can’t think of any dog that deserves this more than Reg. She had been with us for over 3 years and was with Town of Hempstead shelter before we took her in. She spent her entire life in a shelter and was never even in a home until Margie took her in. When I first met Regina, she was super aloof and would spin endlessly in her run. We worked with her everyday, and we thought she was getting better, but it just wasn’t enough.

REGINAWhen she was transferred to the Windsor Terrace shelter (Sean Casey had two locations at the time), her mental and physical health declined; it broke everyone’s heart. We could no longer bring Reg to adoption events due to her declining state, and no matter how much we posted her, no one ever wanted to adopt her.

People would come to meet her because they were touched by her story, but no one ever wanted to bring her home. Regina is shy at first and “doesn’t put out on the first date,” but once you get to know her, you’ll realize she’s a really sweet and very smart dog.

I am so happy and grateful that she will finally receive the constant training and companionship that she needs. She will get to show everyone what a great dog she really is.

Meet REY and BEAR, who are still waiting at the shelter for foster or adoptive homes:

6/2016 UPDATE: REGINA has been adopted!

Regina Adopted

With her new family. Photo via Forever Home Rehab Center

Photography: Robert Stoetzel, Dog & Co

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