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Operation Foster Bound: Meet REY

7/2016 UPDATE: ADOPTED!!! Read his story here

Two year old Rey is a very happy, healthy young-adult white Pit mix who is looking for a foster home or adopter soon. Look at his pink nose and lips, what a cartoon; his nose is even shaped like a heart! Rey is part of our Operation Foster Bound program, in which he’ll receive free professional training sessions, a luxurious dog bed, lots of foster supplies, and of course tons of love and support. All he needs is a foster home! That’s the missing link. He’s located at Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, where he’s waiting every day in a cage for someone to bring him home.


Want to meet Rey in person? Stop by the shelter and see if he’s the right foster fit for you! Must have experience with dogs, since he’s working on leash-walking skills and socialization. He has so much potential!

Rey is a 2 year old, 60-lb Pit Bull mix. He has been at the shelter since he was a baby – just 4 months old! His first year and a half was spent in a shelter, so he has some growing to do. He’s a big puppy, and will need lots of exercise and positive reinforcement once he’s in a foster home. He’s smart and o-so-goofy! He’s also friendly with other dogs, and just needs to be properly supervised since he’s so playful and strong. This is great, since he can get some energy out by spending time with other canines!

Earlier this year, we shared Rey, Regina, and Bear on our site, highlighting the tragic fact that these dogs have been stuck at the shelter for years with little-to-no-interest from fosters/adopters.

Three Years is too Long for a Dog to Live in a Shelter

Rey was lucky enough to live in foster care for a few months last year, and did so well. But his foster mom had other commitments, and was unable to continue. So we’re hoping this Spring is REY’s time to shine in foster care again! We visited the shelter last month with Robert Stoetzel of Dog & Co, to get some new glamour shots of Rey, and improve his visibility among potential adopters. Please consider bringing home this handsome hunk!


Photos by Robert Stoetzel @human_and_hound, for @fosterdogsnyc’s Operation Foster Bound program to encourage fostering of long-term shelter dogs.

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