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Our First Fospice Dog: Daisy

Fospice” is our newest program to provide end-of-life comfort and care to a homeless terminally ill / elderly dog (dogs with more limited time left on this earth). We chose this name for our program based on the hospice idea of providing comfort and care. Our goal is to save a life, and to inspire others to help however possible.

At this time, we have the funding to sponsor one dog at a time – and hope to sponsor many, many more in years to come.

Fospice sponsorship package includes:

  • Assistance in finding a loving “forever foster” home
  • Reimbursement for municipal shelter “pull” fee / adoption fee
  • Financial support, including food, basic medications, and basic vet care
  • Lifetime membership to BarkCare, a concierge vet in NYC
  • 6-month subscription to BarkBox
  • Professional photo shoot from Deeogee Pet Photography
  • Handmade leash from Found My Animal

All of these companies are based in New York City, as we love partnering with awesome local businesses. After all, we’re all in this together!

Says “forever foster” mom Karen, “We received our first BarkBox and Daisy was thrilled with her treats and big plush cigar toy (which she promptly demolished). Thanks to you and BarkBox for this! It’s great to get a monthly box of goodies for the little old lady.”

daisy_fospice_fosterdogsnyc2Daisy the “Elderbull” is our first Fospice recipient. She’s a 12 year old Pit Bull mix saved by Social Tees Animal Rescue earlier this year. Daisy was emaciated, had given birth to innumerable litters, and her teeth were completely filed down (signs that she may have been part of a dog-fighting operation).

She was rescued along with her friend Dingo, who arrived hairless and emaciated. Both dogs found foster homes, and are looking much better than ever. (3/2014 UPDATE: Dingo has been adopted!)

Her foster mom Karen found out quickly that Daisy was not house trained, and has corrected that issue. Karen prepares for Daisy homemade meals daily, helping her gain her weight back and get a shinier coat. Karen has kindly offered to house Daisy until the end of Daisy’s life, unless a wonderful “forever foster” applicant comes along. (2/2014 UPDATE: Daisy was formally adopted by Karen!)

Daisy is a total sweetheart – with people and with other pets! She is healthy, just has slightly diminished vision and hearing, and slower-moving muscles. More often than not, elderly pit bulls wait in shelters for a long time, some never making it out of the shelter. Many people are reluctant to adopt a senior dog, no matter the breed, since they will not live as long as their younger counterparts. While this is true, we want to show that having a senior dog does not have to be a sad thing; rather, caring for a mellow elderly animal is rewarding and a true act of loving-kindness. After all, doesn’t everyone secretly want a couch potato dog who loves to sleep in?

Sarah Daisy Fospice

We look forward to becoming an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so we can begin applying for grants in order to increase our Fospice efforts. In the meantime, our not-for-profit corporation runs solely on individual donations. Any amount is beneficial to our cause in helping promote foster efforts in the NYC area.

Please donate to Foster Dogs NYC’s Fospice program.


Helps provide end-of-life care to a terminally ill and/or elderly homeless dog. Based on the hospice idea of providing comfort and care.
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