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Our Foster Roster is Better Than Ever

Big announcement: We won a grant, and it’s going to be a game-changer for the rescue world. Read on for some life-saving technological innovations!

Since 2009, Foster Dogs has facilitated the foster process and watched the NYC rescue community grow, including our city shelter ACC and seeing foster-based organizations sprout up throughout the years.

In 2013, we launched our Foster Roster based on popular demand. This application and database has been a game-changer, allowing us to reach out to interested foster caretakers about dogs currently in need, among local rescue organizations. Applicants only hear from us with dogs that they have expressed interest in fostering, including housing size limitations and having other pets in the home. We want people to want to foster, and by bringing dogs-in-need straight into our applicants’ inboxes and providing next steps and hand-holding through the initial fostering phase, we have seen miracles occur!

Senior Chihuahua Parsnip found foster mom Sam through our Foster Roster. Photo: Marshall Boprey

Last month, Foster Dogs received a check from Maddie’s Fund for $5,000 to support our growing Foster Roster.

This incredible donation will enable Foster Dogs to build out our Foster Roster efforts, from web-hosting, to tech coding improvements, to capable tech devices – we are upping the foster system! Designed by dedicated long-time volunteer and supporter Kevin Ksieh, our Foster Roster is now better than ever.

2018 is your chance to foster a dog!

The Foster Dogs team with many of our participating rescue groups. Photo: @nycpetphotographer

About our Foster Roster:

  • Started in 2013 by Foster Dogs, Inc.
  • Thousands of applicants, from all five boroughs, as well as around the Tri-State area
  • Hosted online, on a new custom-designed platform
  • Currently-available dogs are sent to appropriate applicants
  • Foster Dogs provides initial screening, with each rescue group providing appropriate foster caretaker screening per the individual organization’s requirements.
  • Foster Dogs provides helpful information, as well as a team of experienced volunteers and a private Facebook support group for active foster caretakers.
  • An invaluable resource for rescue groups in the New York area!

Want to apply?

Thank you, Maddie! You’re helping us make a difference to hundreds more dogs and people this year, making fostering more accessible through technology.

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