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Our New Fospice Dog: Betty White

October 2014 UPDATE: Betty is gaining weight steadily, and now rides in a stroller since she’s too hefty for a bag.

September 2014 UPDATE: Betty had her photo shoot! STUNNING images. See here.

July 2014 PHOTO UPDATE: See main image above. Betty has moved in to her foster home, and is relaxing and gaining a bit more weight every day! Harry Barker sent her a fancy bed, which she loves.

Donations welcome

7/9/14: Betty White is a sweet 15 year old Shepherd/Beagle mix waiting for a special home. Posh Pets rescued her from the shelter, and has kindly provided her with vet care and safety at a boarding kennel.



1FDNYC_Workshop04That’s where Madhumita steps in, a new friend to Foster Dogs NYC; this dedicated dog lover came to our foster workshop in May, ready to take on a new challenge. Madhumita’s previous experience was through a guide dog organization, having raised five separate puppies over the years. She is ready to change gears and focus on a senior dog, one who simply needs a final place to feel safe and loved. This weekend, Betty White will move in with her new NYC foster mom, and will sleep to her heart’s content.

Foster Dogs NYC will provide the rescue group with a $250 donation in lieu of a formal adoption fee, to help with previous costs involved with Betty’s rescue efforts. In addition, we will arrange for some incredible gifts from generous companies; this will not only help the dog with their quality of life, but will provide the “forever foster” with positivity and support throughout their time with the dog. 

Please donate to Foster Dogs NYC, so we can provide sponsor many more dogs like Betty! Every dollar helps. Foster Dogs NYC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit pending corporation, so all donations to us are considered tax deductible.


Helps provide end-of-life care to a terminally ill and/or elderly homeless dog. Based on the hospice idea of providing comfort and care.

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