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Our New Fospice Friend: Brett

Photo by Marshall Boprey, @bopreyphoto

Big boy Brett was not the easiest dog to place in a home. He is 12 years old, 90 lbs, and has a serious heart murmur. At his age, size, and heart condition, this is not a dog people are lining up around the block to adopt. Sad, but true. So many super-senior dogs are homeless in shelters, when all they want is a comfortable home to sleep in peace. Senior dogs can often be the easiest to care for, and are so grateful for love. Many senior dogs were once somebody’s special pet, but fell on hard times or the owner died or became ill. Fospice is here to help those dogs who are in a geriatric state and have potentially just a few months left to live. Often, they end up living longer than expected in Fospice care due to the constant love and affection they receive.

Brett at the shelter

Waiting for a home, at the shelter

As luck would have it, when PupStarz Rescue reached out to us about placing this guy into a home, we heard from a previous Fospice couple in Brooklyn who had room in their home for a dog just like Brett. Aubree and Laura cared for Fospice dog Max for over one year, a dog whose owner had died of old age and was left without a place to go when the family wasn’t able to keep him. Max lived a beautiful remaining year, with another dog and a cat, and a backyard to roam in.

Laura, Aubree, and Max. Photo by Stacey Axelrod @nycpetphotographer

Aubree and Laura never doubted their decision to bring Max home. When he died, they waited just a couple weeks before they reached out to us for another Fospice dog who needed saving. One thing led to another, and:

We hooked Brett up with his Fospice “perks,” including:

Harry Barker dog bed

6-month subscription to BarkBox

Marshall Boprey of Boprey Photography took these incredible shots of our Fospice gentle giant, for his priceless one-on-one Fospice photo shoot!

Credit: Marshall Boprey, @bopreyphoto

Credit: Marshall Boprey, @bopreyphoto

Credit: Marshall Boprey, @bopreyphoto

Thanks to Brett’s trainer Alexis Toriello of Zen Dog Training, who visited Brett and helped ensure all the animals were getting along and being cordial to one-another (don’t worry, all’s going great!). And of course much thanks goes to @chloekardoggian who raised $5,000 from PetSmart for our Fospice program!

Want to donate to Fospice, so we can continue sponsoring special dogs like Brett, and help them live out their remaining months in a real home, away from a shelter? Visit our GoFundMe page.

Other Fospice dogs, throughout our four years of this incredible program:

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