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Our New Fospice Friend: Scrappy

This is the story of how one senior dog saved another, without even realizing it.

Just a couple days before Winter Storm Stella hit NYC, Susie’s Senior Dogs reached out to us to place a senior ACC dog into foster care. We collaborated with Shelter Chic, a local rescue group, to pull Suzie, who found a foster home just a few days after this initial conversation began. On March 17th, Brittany from Shelter Chic went to ACC to bring Suzie to their vet and into foster care. But what happened next was something that sadly every rescuer must deal with: seeing another dog at the shelter and having to decide whether they are able to save that dog or not. Often, there is no “right” answer.

But Brittany could not stop thinking about this other dog she met: a senior Yorkie with a terminal prognosis. She thought of our Fospice program, and spoke with us about a plan.

Within a few hours, we found a perfect home for this Yorkie: Katie, in Manhattan. This amazing person previously cared for Tommy, another recent Fospice dog, who died just a few weeks after he moved in with her (previously staying in another Fospice home for four months).


Even though Tommy died just a short time after moving into his new home, he left an empty space so that an additional Fospice dog could be saved from the shelter. Brittany brought Scrappy to his new home, and the rest is history.

Katie sent us the following note after their first week together, “Scrappy is doing so so well, and his breathing doesn’t seem to be deteriorating too quickly. Also, in the past 2 weeks he’s gone from 9 pounds to 10.5! He’s such a sweetie, and he gets along great with all of my kiddos, including the cat! He sleeps on the pillow by my head every night and loves to snuggle and give kisses.”

Quick action led to two beautiful rescue tales: Suzie’s rescue led to Scrappy’s simultaneous rescue! We are thrilled to welcome Scrappy into our Fospice program, and can tell he’s in great hands with his new mama Katie.

As part of our Fospice program, Scrappy will receive lots of support from Foster Dogs Inc, including a $400 donation to his rescue group Shelter Chic. Please consider making a donation to this special program. Thanks to @chloekardoggian for raising funds with @petsmart, for Fospice!

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