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Foster Pack Walks

Foster Pack Walk from FosterDogsNYC on Vimeo.

Join our Foster Pack Walks around NYC!

This is a great way to meet other dog lovers in your city, socialize your foster dog, help your dog get exercise in the great outdoors, and get your blood flowing as a casual weekend activity. Held monthly, the #fosterpackwalk is free, easy, and family-friendly. All dogs and people are welcome. Always a blast being outside with dogs and people in our city. Our walks are relaxed, fun, social, and memorable. We love meeting new people and pups, and spreading the word about the adoptable dogs who join the pack!

You might recall our Foster Fitness programs in 2013 and 2014, which were not only a blast, but also encouraged fitness with your foster dog! We believe that having a dog helps your mind, body, and soul.

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On our Central Park walks, we like to stop at our “friend” Balto‘s statue, and talk about the amazing work dogs can do to help people. In our case, dogs help us feel happy and fulfilled. In turn, we show them love and help fosters find forever homes. You might be familiar with Balto from the 1995 animated film, who saved the children in Nome Alaska from a diptheria epidemic, pulling a sled dog team to fetch the medicine. In 1925, a statue was erected in Central Park, and we visit to pay our respects and discuss this amazing tale.

Why organize a #FosterPackWalk ?

Foster dogs are sometimes prohibited (or discouraged) from going to dog parks due to regulations from the individual rescue organization. (Note: this does not apply to each organization, so please check about your foster dog’s dog park policy). This regulation is due to many valid reasons, and we respect that each dog is an individual, and not all dogs are “dog park dogs.” In order to combat this matter, we encourage foster dogs to join on pack walks and meet other dogs while moving and walking.

Photo: Marshall Boprey @bopreyphoto

biggie foster pack walk roscoe“Pack walks can help desensitize dogs to other dogs, people, and high-stimulation environments, making daily walks more enjoyable for you both” (Balanced Dogs). Many foster dogs come from other areas of the country, and some from as far as Puerto Rico; suffice it to say, they are not accustomed to trucks and cars whizzing past, and all the congestion of New York City. We welcome dogs or all sizes, breeds, and ages. Some foster parents who join us may want tips on training from other experienced fosters, or might desire to socialize their dog in a safe and enriching manner.

Dogs who are “sensitive to urban environmental stimulation, like trucks, buses, bicycles, or motorcycles, can benefit from seeing other dogs model calm walking behavior in proximity to these ‘triggers’” (ibid).

What better way to help show a dog positive experiences in NYC than to stroll through the park, and for him to feel the positive energy emanating from the more experienced dogs in the pack.

Join us at our Pack Walks. See you in the park!

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