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Photo of the Day: A Special Dog Tribute

Posted to IG by our volunteer Asa ShibuyaJon, Peeby, Kona and I paid a visit to Kobo’s little memorial in Central Park today. I swear that little leaf growing in is Kobo’s spirit!!

2-asa-IG-2To add some more context: A few months after my dad passed away almost 3 years ago, his dog became terminally ill and followed his owner’s footsteps to the next world. It came as a complete surprise and shock to my mom and I because not only was he only 5 years old and healthy, but we had plans to bring him stateside so he can live his remaining (what was supposed to be) long years with me in the Big Apple. We had always talked about the days when he’d actually become a New Yorker, and the days we’d spend strolling around Central Park together. We deemed this spot (that I walk past everyday on my way to work) as his little memorial so he can always be with us in spirit. Now that Kona is part of our family, I felt that it would be a good idea to bring her and Peeby to the park to pay their big brother Kobo a visit.

These are 2 dogs I could not imagine my life without, but I know I would’ve never been fortunate enough to ever meet either of them if I had Kobo with me. While I am completely saddened, I also feel like it was all meant to be.

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