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Photo of the Day: One-Eared Puppy All Grown Up

We featured Baby Beauregard two years ago, rescued as a teeny pocket-sized puppy (see first photo below, freshly rescued) mid-December 2014.

Says his savior Megan Penney, “Beauregard was saved after a rescuer found a listing on Craigslist from someone trying to re-home a 2.5 week old puppy. Beau’s mom rejected him – the dog owner had purchased her on Craigslist and she turned out to be pregnant; after this, she got spayed. When Beau tried to nurse, the mom dog attacked him and caused him to lose one ear. Once in rescue care (Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue), this itty bitty 2 lb puppy found his way into a loving foster home where he was nursed back to health and eventually adopted!”

With temporary “big sis” @stelladigs

“His amazing foster home [first Melissa, then Christina & Vladic] helped this little guy who had the world against him (black, bully-breed). After countless photos and some great networking by his incredible foster mom, Beauregard found the most incredible home ever in CT. He now has a dog sister and a family who loves him to pieces. He has an active life in the suburbs and couldn’t have a better home.”

Beau’s mom writes, “Beau is extremely outgoing and loves everyone. He thinks he’s a twenty pound house cat the way he lays on his favorite people, but he’s really an eighty pound love bug. His rope toys and tug of war are his favorite things to play with and he is super attached to his sister pittie, Shelby.”

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