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Photo of the Day: Rupert Wears a Bow-Tie

Rupert was rescued by PupStarz in early-February, in crummy shape with dental problems and a horribly overgrown coat. The groomers at Camp Canine in Manhattan gave him a whole new ‘do, which ended up helping him find a forever home! His former foster mom Megan just received this lovely note from Rupert’s adopter Lauren, who met him in February at our My Furry Valentine adoption event.

“I just wanted to give you a quick update on Rupert- today is his one month adoptaversary! He is wonderful and is settling in nicely to his new home. Everyone who meets him just loves him and he is a superstar in my office- he trots around to everyones desk looking for scratches. He loves to cuddle, eat, play with his Kong, and is by far the best snuggler around! He continues to look very handsome in a bow tie.” – Lauren

Lauren and her newly adopted pal Rupert. Photo: Camp Canine

Featured image: Megan and Rupert, by @nycpetphotographer Stacey Axelrod
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