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Photos from our Think Big Adoption Event

Our Think Big adoption event on Sunday July 27th was a BIG success! See a few of our previously posted pics here.

Held at Camp Canine doggy daycare in the Upper West Side, this event brought in 17 adoptable dogs from various local rescue organizations! Three of the dogs went home that day to pre-approved adopters and foster homes, and many others have pending adoption applications. We urge you to consider adopting a larger dog, whether you live in NYC or the suburbs. We are also grateful to Little L’s dog treats and Penny Pasta Pet Food samples. Hosted by Camp Canine.

Meet the adoptable dogs who attended our event (some still up for adoption, all wonderful personalities)! MELIACEHEIDIMACMR. BABY (adopted at the event!),  LUNA (fostered at the event!), ARIELBAILEY (adopted at the event!), SIMBA, BUDDY BEAR, PAYTON, KATE BOSWORTH, & THE COONHOUND GALS.

See all the beautiful photos below by Leslie Leda, Leda Photography

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