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Photos: My Furry Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Last Saturday, Foster Dogs Inc organized a Valentine’s Day adoption event called “My Furry Valentine.” 7 out of the 14 dogs – 50% – have been adopted by people they met at the event! Some went home same-day, some a few days later. They all are getting their happily-ever-afters!

Held at Vaute clothing shop in the Lower East Side, this event featured 14 adoptable dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds, from 6 local rescue organizations: Animal Haven, Animal Lighthouse Rescue, IVE Rescue, Ready for Rescue, PupStarzRescue, Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue. VIEW EVENT PHOTOS on our Facebook page.

Event was held at Vaute Couture, Lower East Side

Several dogs were adopted at the event, and many wonderful dogs are still available (currently in foster care or safe in a shelter). Meet the dogs, info below!

We were lucky enough to have our volunteer photographer Stacey Axelrod with us for the afternoon, to capture these beautiful moments.


Kassidy: ADOPTED


Thanks to our celebridog friends Chloe Kardoggian, Gizzy, and Holly for joining us and promoting the event with their fans!

@thedogmatchmaker Sarah Brasky with celebridogs Gizzy, Chloe, and Holly

  • Jimbo: 4-5 months old, 35 lbs, male purebred Redtick Coonhound who’s amazingly calm for a puppy. He does not realize his own size and thinks he’s a small Chihuahua and loves laying on laps! He is very playful with other dogs. Sniffs out our other dogs scents and can follow their trail to find where they are. PupStarz Rescue adoption application. Email & info [at]
  • Kassidy (ADOPTED), PupStarz Rescue.
  • MacGregor: 10 yrs old, 14 lbs, Jack Russell Terrier. [more info TBD]. Animal Haven. Email info [at]
  • Shu Shu: 12 yrs old, male Shih Tzu. [more info TBD]. Animal Haven. Email info [at]
  • Lola (ADOPTED), IVE Rescue.
  • Rupert (ADOPTED), PupStarz Rescue.
  • Blue: 1.5 yrs old, male Pit Bull, good with dogs and cats. Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue. Email & info [at] 
  • Oscar (ADOPTED), Animal Lighthouse Rescue.
  • Cafe, Animal Lighthouse Rescue adoption application (ADOPTED after the event)
  • Romeo (ADOPTED), Animal Lighthouse Rescue.
  • Dodger (ADOPTED), Animal Lighthouse Rescue.
  • Chico (ADOPTED), Animal Lighthouse Rescue.
  • Tara, PupStarz Rescue adoption application(ADOPTED after the event)
  • Rambo: 7 years old, 60 lbs. Hound/Pit Mix. Good with kids and with some dogs. Ready for Rescue. Email & info [at]

Kassidy and foster mom Amalyah

Want to make your own magic by becoming a unicorn? These horns fit animals of all sizes, as well as all humans! Brooklyn Owl supplied all the foster dogs at our event with horns, and we are obsessed. Use code FOSTERDOGS20 for 20% off, and 20% gets donated to Foster Dogs Inc (we are a 501c3 nonprofit, and rely on donations). Promotion starts NOW, through the end of February – a perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Blue and foster parents Anais and Daniel


Want to adopt any of these dogs? Let us know! Come to our next event to meet some foster dogs, and to get to know our community.

Credit: Stacey Axelrod Photography, @nycpetphotographer

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