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Photos: Sunday’s Senior Dogs Event in BK

Susie’s Senior Dogs hosted Foster Dogs Inc last Sunday in Park Slope Brooklyn. We taught visitors about Fospice, and educated them about fostering senior dogs. We work with local shelters and rescue groups to place their dogs into foster care and get them out of the kennel. It’s wonderful to collaborate with other like-minded animal welfare organizations like Susie’s, especially in beautiful weather among happy future fosters/adopters!

Photo: Sarah Brasky

Charlie the 15 year old Fospice Lab from Redemption Rescues joined us, and even received an application for a “Fospice” home! Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Annie Hall, and Madeline Martha Mackenzie all joined from Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.

Charlie: 15 year old Lab mix, Fospice. Frisky for his age around other dogs, wants to be only-pet or with a very understanding fellow dog.

Photo: Erin Stanton

Gigi Hadid: 6 years old, 14 lbs, female Chihuahua. Likes modeling for Cover Girl.

Photo: Erin Stanton

Bella Hadid: 8 years old, 15 lbs, female Chihuahua. Walks the runway in Milan in her pastime.

Photo: Erin Stanton

Madeline Martha Mackenzie: 10 years old, female, Rat Terrier, channeling Reese Witherspoon in Big Little Lies.

Photo: Erin Stanton

Annie Hall: senior petite Lab mix. Loves NYC and Woody Allen movies.

Photo: Erin Stanton

We got to hang with our big buddy Brett, a giant 12 year old Shepherd mix from our Fospice program, currently living in “forever foster” care with Aubree and Laura.

Photo: Sarah Brasky

See his photo shoot from earlier this year with Boprey Photography.

Photo: Marshall Boprey

His mamas previously took care of senior Chow mix Max, who lived with them for a year until he died of old age after a wonderful final year in their loving care. Max’s former owner was an elderly man who died and whose family was unable to keep Max. Rather than sending him to a shelter, the granddaughter found our Fospice program in one last shot at saving Max. Aubree and Laura drove out to see him, over an hour away, and gave him the best home he could have dreamed of. See Max’s photo shoot on our site.

Photo: Stacey Axelrod

Want to foster a senior dog, or participate in our Fospice program? Complete the app here!

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