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Photoshoot for Taz

Photography and story by Foster Dogs NYC contributor Samantha Cheirif, author of such articles as: “The Best and Worst Aspects of Fostering” and “A Heartfelt Letter…

Last week, I participated in one of my favorite volunteer activities: a Foster Dogs NYC Fospice photo shoot! (See Fluffy’s memorable shoot).


This visit was particularly fun; not only was it a Fospice photo shoot for fluffball Bichon Taz, but it was also a puppy photo shoot! Taz is the foster brother to a 7-month-old Guiding Eyes service-dog-in-training named Owen. It was an absolute joy to photograph them together. [This was Owen a few months ago]


Foster mom Madhumita (and her mom Visa) made it look easy; they were fielding work calls, cleaning up poop, looked flawless while doing so. [They have had years of dog care experience, having raised guide dogs and caring for Fospice dog Betty White].


We were able to get some great photos and had a tough time choosing, but we ended up with these pictures of the family all together looking like movie stars.

Taz Harry Barker

Taz is blind and deaf, so getting him to pose was difficult- in fact, when I arrived, he was still half asleep and very grumpy! It took some cajoling (and treats) but finally he posed nicely on his gorgeous donated Harry Barker bed, and even tolerated some affection from his puppy brother.

Taz Owen

Once Madhumita picked him up and held him in her arms like a teddy bear, I swear his whole demeanor changed- he started smiling for the camera!


Although I only spent about an hour with this little family, there was so much love and affection that it’s easy to think back on it and smile- and if anyone has any doubts about adding a senior to their bustling household, this just proves no pup is ever too old to find love!


Written by Samantha Cheirif

PLEASE DONATE to our Fospice program, so we can help many more shelter dogs just like Taz. This dog was at the ACC city shelter and was saved by Ready For Rescue. Foster Dogs NYC placed Taz in this incredible Fospice home with Madhumita, who has brought him back to life. We’ve sent financial support for veterinary care, helpful items, a dog bed, photo session, and an in-home groom to ensure that this dog is spoiled and comfortable. Taz is doing better than anyone could have imagined when he first arrived, and it’s all due to the love and care he’s received in his amazing home.

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