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@realhappydogs, 1/2018: 3-part feature on @realhappydogs: Introduction, Part 1, Part 2

Eater, 1/2018: Boris & Horton Dog Cafe


Fox5 News, 12/2017: Petco “Holiday Wishes” Check Ceremony

News 12 Brooklyn, 12/2017: “Brooklyn dog owners share adoption stories to win shelter funds”

Thrillist, 12/2017: “Instagram-famous pets gathered at PetCon, and it was glorious.”

E! Online, 11/2017: “Inside the Lives of the World’s Most Influential Pets—Because Pictures of Adorable Animals Are What You Need Right Now”

The Dodo, 9/2017: “Senior Dog Who Lived Her Life Alone Gets To Spend Final Days With A Real Family”

This Dog’s Life, 8/2017: “Photo Series Looks to Debunk ‘Black Dog Syndrome’ With Beautiful Pics of Adoptable Dogs”

My Modern Met, 8/2017: “Expressive Portraits Highlight the Overlooked Beauty of Black Shelter Dogs”

Animal Wellness Magazine, 8/2017: “New York based commercial photographer Shaina Fishman specializes in photographing domestic animals”

The Dodo, 8/2017: “Being A ‘Fospice’ Parent Can Change An Animal’s Life — And Yours” –> “While this new type of fostering can be a bit more demanding — both logistically and emotionally — fospice volunteers provide an incredibly valuable service, explains Melissa Ottstadt, fospice coordinator at Foster Dogs NYC, an organization that helps rescues match foster dogs with foster homes.”

BuzzFeed, 8/2017: “15 Dark Doggos That Will Melt Your Heart”, 7/2017: “Top 40 Hidden Gem Dog Blogs You Must Follow”

PupJournal, 7/2017 “How One Unique Birthday Party Celebrated Adoptable Pit Bulls” —> “Foster Dogs Inc. has organized Puppy Parties (for rescue dogs, of course) for companies such as Swiffer, SplashThat, iHeartRadio, and Vice, in order to highlight rescue at corporate events and to encourage fostering and adoption among new audiences. This ‘Pittie Party’ was their first celebration of its kind, from an organization who aims to highlight the joys of rescue, no matter the dog’s size, breed, or age!”

The Dodo, 7/2017 “Neglected Dog Can’t Believe She Has A Real Bed Now” —> “Almost immediately, Foster Dogs, Inc., a group that helps people who foster dogs, gave $200 towards Emma’s new bed. Then other people started stepping forward to donate. In less than 24 hours, Emma had enough to get the bed she needed.”

Top Dog Tours, 6/2017 “Our First Top Dog Fundraiser in Central Park for Dogs”

Fortune, 5/2017 “How This Entrepreneur Turned Her Love of Dogs Into a Business” —> “The New York-based entrepreneur established The Dog Matchmaker to help people navigate the dog-adoption process. The idea came to Brasky after she founded Foster Dogs Inc., a non-profit that helps shelter dogs find foster homes.”, 5/2017 “Boutique Fostering Business Finds New Ways to Care for Abandoned Pets, Strays and the Terminally Ill”

Dog-Eared, by Ollie, 4/2017 “Meet the Dog Matchmaker Who’s Saving Pups’ Lives Every Day” —> “If you could dream up the best job ever for a dog lover, it would probably be what Sarah Brasky does. The founder of Foster Dogs NYC and the Dog Matchmaker, she works every day to help save rescue pups and find them forever homes with loving humans. Pretty awesome, right?”

This Dog’s Life, 3/2017 “Yes, You Can Foster a Dog and Have a Full-Time Job”

Headlines for the Hopeful, 3/2017 “Rescue Chocolate Donates All Profits to Save Dogs & Cats” —> “After meeting her soon-to-be dog Mocha through Sarah Brasky of Foster Dogs NYC (we wrote about her last year—check it out), Sarah Gross of Brooklyn, New York was inspired to find a way to help support animal rescue organizations like the one that brought them together.”

BBC Capital, 2/2017 “The woman matching pooches and people” —> “Lonely and looking for love in New York City? Sarah Brasky is here to help. […] As founder and director of non-profit Foster Dogs NYC, she helps people find their perfect pooch from animal shelters around the city. She’s just one of many inventing creative new careers in today’s economy.”

Thrillist, 2/2017 “How to Get NYC’s Coolest Jobs, According to the People Who Have Them” —> After creating my blog,, people began asking me for assistance in adopting and fostering. I became the go-to person for foster and adoption assistance, among friends and even perfect strangers! It became apparent that there was a need for a rescue liaison — an ‘adoption concierge’ — to hold people’s hands and show them just how beautiful fostering and adoption can be.”, 2/2017 “Shelter Spotlight: Foster Dogs NYC Fospice Program”

WFUV (NPR-Affiliate), 2/2017 —> “We’ll talk with the founder of an organization that works to help improve the lives of homeless dogs in the New York City area. It’s called Foster Dogs NYC.”

Rosie’s Dog Company 1/2017. 10% of sales from “Salmon & Ginger” donated to Foster Dogs Inc. Fospice Beau stars on the bag!


Petco Foundation, 11/2016 “The Petco Foundation Donates $750,000 to Spread Holiday Cheer to Deserving Organizations with the Holiday Wishes Campaign”

World of Angus, 7/2016 “This online community has rehomed hundreds of dogs, and helped connect thousands of fosters!” —> (Author’s note:) “A huge thank you to Sarah Brasky for providing us the opportunity to spread awareness of this wonderful organization, and for creating the greatest foster network in the world! ”

PupJournal, 6/2016 “All this Dog Wants for His Birthday is a Forever Home”

Sweet Paul Magazine, 6/2016 “Fostering the Path Home”

Susie’s Senior Dogs, 5/2016 —> “Look who went to school today! Our senior dog Moby was very eager to donate his time to Foster Dogs, Inc. new ‘Canines in the Classroom‘ program. Run by Sarah Brasky, the program works to educate our youngest humans about our beloved furry companions. […] Not only did Moby enjoy himself but the kids had a blast, too!”

PupJournal, 4/2016 “The Ultimate Guide to Fostering a Dog” —> “Foster Dogs, Inc., a nonprofit that we’ve written about before, may have the answer to these challenges. They’ve created a free manual explaining the fostering process from start to finish.”

The Dodo, 3/2016 “Puppy Saved From Dog Meat Farm Flies Around The World To New Home” —> A single text message […] also connected with Foster Dogs NYC, which helped find Juna’s foster parents.”

PupJournal, 3/2016 “5 Ways to Support Foster Dog Families”

Headlines for the Hopeful, 3/2016 —> “[The dogs] may not know it from their respective corners of the city, but they can certainly count on Sarah: in fact, she just quit her day job as a teacher to run the show full time.”

The Huffington Post, 2/2016 “What To Expect When You’re Fos’Pecting: Finding Love as a Foster Dog Mom” —> “Sarah Brasky, founder of Foster Dogs NYC, says that while taking in a foster pup this Valentine’s Day is a surefire way to bring more love into your life, it takes a certain kind of woman (or man) to provide that sort of selfless love to an animal. […] Brasky has created a number of wonderful resources for foster parents, from an initial shopping list to what people can expect in the first week.”

PupJournal, 2/2016 “3 Genius Ways this Organization Makes Foster Dogs Irresistible” —> “Foster Dogs NYC is creative in showing off the beauty of pups who have a harder time getting adopted. From their Roses and Rescues photo shoot, to their New Yorkers Foster Dogs series, using props and pairing dogs with humans in a photo shoot can really show off a dog’s personality.”

The Mala The Mission, 1/2016 “Sometimes you choose a path in life. Sometimes that path chooses you.” —> “Her organization has already helped many dogs in need. I look forward to seeing how Foster Dogs evolves and sharing the story with as many people as I can.   Thank you to Sarah and all the people involved in her organization.”

BarkPost, 1/2016 “How To Help These Shelter Dogs Get Into Great Foster Homes”

This Dog’s Life, 1/2016 “Helping the Underdog: NYC Organization Launches Program to Help Overlooked Pups Get Fostered”

Being Pawsitive, 1/2016 “Fospice: Hospice For Dogs” —> “[Fospice] is growing every day and giving dogs without much time left the love, pampering, and care they deserve.”

Boprey Photography, 1/2016 “Good Morning, Matrix” —> “You wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but Matrix (a Shar Pei / Shepherd mix) is a former shelter dog who suffers from a rare, inoperable heart condition. […] This sweet, young dog is part of the special Fospice Program by Foster Dogs NYC. This program sponsors and grants dogs with poor prognoses loving homes to the end of time instead of sitting alone in a cage at a shelter.”

DogSync, 1/2016 “Adopting a Dog with The Dog Matchmaker”


BarkPost, 12/2015 “New NYC Foster Project Seeks To Save The More Overlooked Shelter Dogs”

Japan SPCA (JSPCA) Newsletter, 12/2015

BarkPost, 12/2015 “Why Do We Share Sad Dog Stories?” —> “When we write about Fospice (hospice for dogs), we do it because we want to help the amazing people behind Foster Dogs NYC in whatever way that we can. We want to get as many eyes on that article – yes, for traffic, but also because more eyes means more donations, more volunteers, more people who might be willing to foster, and in the end, more senior dogs whose lives can be saved. The last time we shared this article, Foster Dogs NYC received $1,200 dollars for their Fospice GoFundMe and were able to significantly raise their fundraising goal.”

Bark & Swagger, 12/2015 “Instagram Star, Chloe Kardoggian, to Raise Money for Homeless Hospice Dogs” —> “I was immediately drawn to the idea of Fospice when I heard about it through Foster Dogs NYC,” shared Dorie. “Many dogs are discarded simply because they’re ‘too old’ or because their owners die and they have nowhere else to go, so they are handed over to shelters. These loving companions deserve a home, no matter how much time they have left, and Foster Dogs NYC Fospice gives them everything they need to do so – they find a home, give the rescue money to cover care and also provide a variety of creature comforts, like a new dog bed, and gifts like a photo shoot with the animal to make it a wonderful experience for all.”

The Barkington Post, 12/2015 “How to Give Back During the Holidays”

MOO, 10/2015 “A MOOcard’s Best Friend”

This Dog’s Life, 10/2015 “First-Ever Pack Walk Looks to help More Foster Dogs Find Forever Homes”

SplashThat, 10/2015 “…The Best Ad Week Party Ever”

Event Marketer, 10/2015 “Bark & Co. Celebrates Pet Ownership”

BarkPost, 9/2015 “How One Woman Bridged The Gap Between People Who Want To Help And The Dogs That Need It Most”

BarkPost, 9/2015 “These Tender Photos of Senior Dogs…”

BarkPost, 7/2015 “5 Honest Pieces Of Advice On What It’s Like To Foster A Dog”

Dog & Co, 6/2015 – Human & Hounds: “Sarah Brasky + Ozzie & Shaggy”

6sqft, 6/2015 “New Yorker Spotlight: Sarah Brasky of Foster Dogs NYC on Helping Pups Find Fur-Ever Homes”

HuffPost Live, 5/2015 – The Pet Show: “Hospice Care for Pets,”

Reshareworthy, 5/2015 “Dog Hospice Program Gives Terminally Ill Shelter Dogs Loving Homes Before Crossing Rainbow Bridge”

BarkPost, 5/2015 “These Humans Created a Dog Hospice to Give Dying Dogs a Dignified End”

Good News Network, 5/2015 “’Fospice’ Gives Terminally Ill Shelter Dogs Chance at a Happy Ending”

Park Slope For Pets, 3/2015 Foster Dogs NYC: “How it Came to Be”

This Dog’s Life, 3/2015 “Move Over Patti Stanger, New York City has ‘The Dog Matchmaker'”, 2/2015 “Small Dog Adoption Event”


Emily Wang, 12/2014 “Adorable Fluff-Themed Holiday Cards We Love”

BarkPost, 12/2014 “Former Foster Pups Compete to be America’s Next Top Model”

The Barkington Post, “Events: Fundraiser” 12/2014

Park Slope For Pets, 11/2014 “Adopt a Senior Month”

Park Slope For Pets, 8/2014 “Frequently Asked Foster Questions”

Mrs. Sizzle, 7/2014 “Helping Dogs in Park Slope Tomorrow”

Park Slope Stoop, 6/2014 “Feelin’ Fit & Fuzzy with Go Fetch Run”

The BarkPost, 5/2014 “The Secret Way to Rent a Dog You Probably Don’t Know”

The Dodo, 5/2014 “Gorgeous Photos Celebrate New Yorkers and their Foster Dogs”

Tracy’s New York Life, 5/2014 “Four Legs Only” —-> “New York City is filled with four-legged creatures of all sizes, colors, and breeds, some of which need a warm place to sleep, a bowl of nourishing food, and as many snuggles and hugs as anyone will offer. Even though the percentage living on the streets and in shelters has declined in recent years, there are still too many homeless pets who have no one to call their own. This is where Foster Dogs NYC comes in”

Six Legs Foundation, 4/2014 —-> “This amazing group matches up foster homes with dogs in need while providing resources so that fostering is an enjoyable experience. We LOVE this idea and hope someone brings it to our home town in Chicago!”

PRLog, 3/2014 “NYC Re-Tails & Sales Expo HUGE Success”

Modern Dog Magazine, 2/2014 “NYC Pet Industry Happy Hour to benefit NYC Foster Dogs!”, 2/2014 “Pet Industry Happy Hour Benefits Foster Dogs NYC”

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