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Puppy Parties

What’s better than a bunch of puppies romping around your office breakroom on a workday afternoon? Answer: Nothing!


Foster Dogs has organized “puppy parties” (adult dogs included!) for all sorts of awesome companies in New York City over the years: Vice, iHeartRadioRefinery29, SwifferSwiffer + Bark & Co, Superfly, SplashThat.

Read our Puppy Party testimonial from iHeartRadio:

“Excitement and confusion arose in equal measure as it timed perfectly with our announcement of 100 million registered listeners of the iHeartRadio App. Instantaneously everyone’s inner child came out! It was honestly the most excitement I’ve seen from the team. Everyone was surprised about how well behaved the puppies were. The Foster Dog’s staff were all extremely friendly and helpful during the event; taking pictures for everyone and their favorite puppy.”

Puppies will typically be met with exclamations of: “OH MY GOD,” “I have to call my girlfriend. She needs to see this,” “You know I’m not getting anything done now, right?” and “This is the best workday ever.”


Foster Dogs’ mission is to create a lifesaving community, allowing rescue groups and foster caretakers a place to find support – and to place hundreds of dogs in homes every year. These events help show off how wonderful animal rescue can be, and to show off the great adoptable dogs who need homes right now.

Splash + Bark & Co.

When businesses seek to bring in puppies for a visit, we’ve found that many of them turn to pet stores (learn more about puppy mills) to fulfill their puppy fix. It’s happening right here in NYC. Foster Dogs runs events frequently which educate people about adoption and fostering, helping remind New Yorkers of the joys of rescue. These puppy parties are a perfect way to encourage rescue in a space that really needs it!


These corporate networking events and happy hours are the perfect way to bring together adoptable dogs of NYC in a welcoming and positive environment, exposing new people to rescue who might not have otherwise adopted! We look forward to saving many pups through this innovative effort which includes rescue groups all over the area!


Want to invite Foster Dogs to your corporate event?

Email info [at] Due to the high demand for puppy parties, Foster Dogs can only participate in a select few per season. We ask for a donation to our organization for this event, to cover travel expenses and to continue our mission to save more dogs’ lives. We are fully insured, and are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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