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Saving Senior Max

BEST NEWS EVER! We’ll elaborate, though we’re almost too excited to type.

Seven days ago, we received this email: “I’m reaching out for guidance on re-homing an elderly dog. Max is a 12-13 year old Chow mix located in Nassau County of Long Island in need of a new home. Max has a very docile temperament and gets along well with other dogs and animals. He prefers to spend most of his time outdoors. Unfortunately, his caretaker [my grandfather] recently passed away and we are unable to place him in another home. Max has a skin condition that is currently being treated with cortisone cream. …We are not comfortable surrendering him to a shelter. I read about your Fospice Program and it is similar to what we imagine would be required to assure Max is comfortable for the rest of his days.”

We immediately got to work. We reached out to several previous Fospice applicants and then posted Max on Instagram. We also coordinated with Ready for Rescue, who kindly offered to take Max into their care if there was a need. Without the cooperation of a rescue group, we are typically unable to move forward with a rescue effort. It’s all about working together to save lives!


Within a few hours of our Instagram share, Aubree reached out to us to inquire about Max. She didn’t know it at the time, but she was about to become Max’s guardian angel. Two days after her initial inquiry, Aubree was calling Max’s family to coordinate travel arrangements from his home on Long Island to her home in Brooklyn.

Last Sunday afternoon, Aubree and her partner Laura drove to Long Island to pick this big guy up, and bring him to his new ADOPTIVE home in Brooklyn. Max now has a Great Pyrenees friend (Harper) and a small cat friend (Toni). Aubree and Laura were given the option to be a “Forever Foster” home, and work with a rescue group, though they decided they were going commit fully to this dog; they were thrilled to bring Max into their family.


Said Aubree Sunday night, “Pickup was great – we talked a bit about Max’s history [with his family], his former vet, and his transition since losing his dad in April. He was a champ in the car on the way home, very snuggly and panting happily. He met our dog Harper and the two sniffed each other for a few minutes before napping in different parts of the apartment 🙂 He was glad to spend some time exploring his new backyard, and now he is happily sleeping next to one side of our bed while Harper sleeps on the other.”

Foster Dogs NYC is aware that this dog may have a couple years left in him, or may just have a few months… there’s no knowing; but we’ll be here to support his care for the remainder of his life. Our Fospice program has received some generous donations recently thanks to our incredible supporters, and we are thrilled to use it to continue with our mission. As a new member of our Fospice program, we will provide Max with medication reimbursement, and will send him all the amazing Fospice perks possible (bed, toys, treats, photo shoot, painting, and more!).

Welcome to our Fospice family, Max.


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