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A Senior Shelter Dog, and a Foster Mom with Love to Give

This is a story about a frail shelter dog in need, and a foster mom who had space in her heart for a homeless animal.

Fostering is the selfless act of providing a temporary and loving home for an animal who would otherwise be living in a shelter. The act of fostering not only transformed April’s life but also that of her foster mom. Help us sustain and grow our life-changing foster initiatives by donating now.

This fourteen-year-old terrier was crying in pain in her shelter cage when she was rescued. She was rushed to the vet, but unfortunately they discovered that April has terminal Lymphoma. Foster mom Tracy learned about Fospice through a senior dog event we co-hosted, and soon joined our community of devoted Fospice caretakers.

Fospice felt like a natural fit, and an incredible option to be able to help more dogs. I want to be able to provide a place for pups like April that need somewhere to call home, especially at a time in their lives when they are most vulnerable. I’m already seeing a huge difference with April. At first she didn’t want to be touched, but now she loves to be held, jumps into my lap, and her spunky little personality is coming through. I know that April won’t be my last Fospice, as I’m already so grateful to be a part of her life, and will continue to open my home to more special dogs like her in the future.

– Tracy

Our incredible Fospice program is dedicated to saving super-seniors and terminally ill shelter dogs by providing them with a comfortable and supportive home for their final weeks or months. Thanks to Shelter Chic for saving April’s life, and to Susie’s Senior Dogs for encouraging others to bring home a special senior.

Help us sustain and grow our life-changing foster initiatives.


We are a small, grassroots organization fueled by the work of our wonderful volunteers and generous donors like you. With your contribution and continued support, we will be able to help more dogs like April for many years to come.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Photos by the incredible NYC Pet Photographer Stacey Axelrod
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