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This happy puppy wants you to vote for Foster Dogs!

Vote for us to win up to $25,000 from Petco, thanks to Simcoe’s beautiful “Holiday Wishes” foster & adoption story!

Sometimes, you hear a story that reminds you of the goodness in the world. That is the case with Simcoe’s tale, submitted by Ana Pulido & Chris Woll on behalf of Foster Dogs Inc. READ THE STORY ON Petco’s website – click image below to view.

Thank you so much to the Petco Foundation for choosing us as a Holiday Wishes Grant recipient – for the second year in a row!! Last year, we won $5,00 thanks to Mocha and Sarah Gross, who entered their beautiful adoption story. Now we have another chance to receive funds from Petco, and to save hundreds – maybe thousands – more lives in 2018!

It all started four years ago when Ana and Chris fostered their first pup Gabe, at our Pupup event with @bark. Later, they expressed interest in our Fospice program and offered to care for Fanny who lived with them for six precious weeks.

Then came Princess Leia for a short visit, also from Fospice. And lots of tiny puppies in between. Over a dozen dogs in all! Most recently was a crew of three hefty puppies from BARRK Long Island Rescue. These guys got join us at a Puppy Party with @iheartradio and were the biggest hit!

We knew Ana and Chris were wonderful foster parents, and soon they decided to become wonderful adopters.

Says Ana, “It only took two weeks for us to know that Simcoe was the perfect dog for us. Simcoe’s new love of the outdoors has made us healthier, more energetic people. He’s changed our lives for the better as our constant companion. The rabbits love having a new nap buddy after he’s exhausted himself at the park. Thanks to Foster Dogs, we were able to find the perfect dog to join our pack. We can’t wait for Simcoe to be a great foster brother for even more dogs in need.”

Read Simcoe’s story on Petco’s Holiday Wishes site, and vote for us to win up to $25,000!

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