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Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee is the true reason for our organic growth over the years, after Foster Dogs was founded in 2009. After our incorporation in 2013 and earning our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in 2014, our organization has saved innumerable lives.

In 2016 and 2017, we saved at least one dog per day, nearly 800 in total over two years!

None of our work would be possible without our team of dedicated volunteers who ensure that our organization continues to grow and thrive! This team and manages the general course of our operations, from daily administrative tasks to running amazing events, to expanding each rescue group’s foster reach.

Steering Committee:

  • Miriam Valero: Volunteer Coordinator, Foster Roster Outreach
  • Paula Pahnke: Social Media Director
  • Katherine Chala: Education Co-Chair
  • Lauren Hirata: Website Design and Maintenance, Dog Profiles
  • Megan Penney: Rescue Group Partnerships & Events (Foster Pack Walks)
  • Asa Shibuya: Dog Profiles
  • Elsie Heung: General Support
  • Amparo Brookfield: Foster Roster Outreach
  • Melissa Ottstadt: Fospice Coordinator
  • Elana Buchalter: Foster Roster Outreach
  • Samantha Cheirif: Social Media Associate
  • Tara Bahl: Board Member, Education Chair
  • Stacey Axelrod: Communications/Creative Advisor
  • Daphna Weinstock: Associate Fospice Coordinator
  • Jen Pace: Social Media Associate
  • Michelle Lee: Development
  • Anna Trebisovskaya: Accounting

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